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What are Malta’s Best Winter Activities?

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Despite its small size, Malta has a wide variety of activities and attractions for all family members. The top ten things to do in Malta during the winter are listed below. Malta has just as much to offer in the winter as it does in the summer, but without the tourist crowds and lines. The top ten Malta winter activities are as follows.

1. Museums For People Of All Ages

Malta has over thirty museums covering a wide range of topics and historical eras, so there is sure to be something for everyone in the family. Malta’s strategic location ensures its long history, and its many monuments, temples, and world heritage sites bear witness to its distinct history. The Neolithic Temples are just the beginning; there are also prehistoric caves and Maltese maritime history to discover. Another worthwhile option is to visit Gozo and the Maltese Folklore Museum. The variety of museums ensures something for everyone in the family.

2. Popeye Village Is For More Than Just Children

Allow your children to run around and explore the entertaining Popeye Village from the 1980 film Popeye, starring Robin Williams. The fantasy town is built into a sheer cliff with breathtaking sea views. There are rides and puppet shows throughout the park, as well as quaint fishing boats and quirky mariners’ houses. There are numerous attractions to keep both children and adults entertained for the day.

3. Excursion To Gozo

Gozo’s rugged terrain is ideal for off-road adventures. Use your map and instincts to navigate across Gozo from one location to the next for a truly unique tourist experience. Traveling from village to village can provide a less adventurous version, or you can stop whenever something interesting catches your eye. Numerous options ensure that every level of adventure is catered to.

4. Renting Bikes For The Whole Family

In Malta, there are several bicycle rental options. There are some lovely trails to explore, or you could join one of the many weekly cycling groups on one of the routes.

5. Horseback Riding For All Levels Of Ability

Malta’s coasts, fields, and woodlands are ideal for horseback riding. Depending on your riding ability, you have a variety of options. Free riding, tours, and lessons are all available for a reasonable price, with children receiving a discount.

6. Animal Enthusiasts

Ta’ Qali Petting Farm is an excellent choice for a family outing. There are many different animals to enjoy, including small animals. Spend the day feeding and petting the animals, and you’ll come away happy.

7. Valletta And Mdina

Malta’s current capital, Valletta, and its former capital, Mdina, are both worth seeing. The knights built the fortifications of both cities, which are excellent examples of their architectural and design abilities. Walking through the cities will show you examples of various architectural styles that have been popular in Malta throughout its history. The fortifications also provide visitors with a better view of the island.

8. Sporting Fanatics

Rugby is a must-see for any sports fan visiting Malta. Sundays are typically reserved for sporting events. The national team frequently holds action-packed matches against foreign teams, or they can catch one of the local matches packed with rivalry.

9. St. Julians During The Day Or At Night

St Julian’s and Paceville are excellent choices if you’re looking for a late-night club or pub. The town is bustling with students and office workers during the day, but there is excellent shopping and dining for visitors.

10. An Abundance Of Churches Malta has over 360 churches and chapels spread throughout its landscape. From the majestic and beautiful to the humble and useful, there is bound to be one that will take yo

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