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How do Social Media Marketing, Digital marketing courses in Birmingham?

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“Social Media Marketing is a part of the general marketing strategy, carried out in digital social media”, Digital marketing course in Birmingham.

These media are not only social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn but also include:

·►Company corporate social networks

·►Discussion Forums


·►Media platforms like YouTube

And then many more Social media is a very broad concept that includes platforms, tools, applications, and digital media with which you can interact, collaborate and share much more closely with your target audience, Digital marketing course in Birmingham.

Marketing with influencers

Furthermore, marketing with influencers is also a type of Social Media Marketing strategy, you must know that it is a branch of marketing.

That is constantly changing and updating and you and your company digital marketing company birmingham have to adapt to achieve your goals.

What is Social Media Marketing for?

  1. Give visibility. It serves to publicize your brand and make it recognizable so that in the end they buy your product.

2.Create a community

Thanks to social networks you can know your audience and segment it as you are most interested in

3.Increase  traffic  to the web

In addition the more content you share on social networks, the more traffic you will generate to your website or blog.

4.Capture leads

First, with a social media marketing strategy you can get a good database of people interested in your product. The strategies that you can use to capture leads can be email marketing, a Digital marketing course in Birmingham, content marketing on a blog, or posting on social networks.

5.Loyalty and give credibility

Create valuable content that interests your followers to form a participatory community that believes in you and your business.

6. Customer service

Then if you develop a good social media strategy, it can serve as a platform.

To resolve doubts or complaints very quickly and thus maintain top customer satisfaction.

7.Active listening

This strategy is not about posting what you want and not continuing to interact.

You have to listen to your customers, to your community in order to give them what they need. You have to achieve a fluid company-client dialogue. Social media is a communication channel that you have to take advantage of.

8.Influence the buying process

You can get the customer to create an emotional bond with your brand that can ultimately become a sale.

5 steps to make a good Social Media Marketing strategy

1.  Set goals

What do you want to get? More traffic on your website? Increase your online community. Define your objectives to start with the strategy.

For example: I just opened my jewelry store, I want to be known and increase the traffic of visits to my business blog, smm company birmingham.

2.  Know your target audience

Define what type of people you are addressing, what needs they have, what networks and platforms they use in order to impact them.

For example: Continuing with the previous example, in this step, I would define that my target audience is women between the ages of 18 and 35.

Who mainly use Instagram or Pinterest and Facebook, who care about their image and like to be informed of the latest trends.

3.  Choose an appropriate communication channel

It is very important to know which channels our target audience is on and that is why we have to know them perfectly, Digital marketing course in Birmingham.

For example: for my jewelry I would choose Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest since it is where my potential clients are.

4.  Remember, the content is the main thing

You have to know perfectly what your potential customers want and the tastes of your audience to give it to them and generate interaction. 

Continuously for this purpose, you can use different tools to grab their attention such as:


·►Empathize with them, motivate them

·►And call them to action

5.  Numbers

How many likes do you want? How many new followers do you want to increase? 

Again define your objectives and KPIs, in short, establish your numbers to know if your strategy works, Digital marketing course in Birmingham.

This has been our explanation of the Social Media Marketing strategy. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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