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Six Benefits Of Installing Marble Countertops

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Although marble is not as well-known as granite, this natural stone still benefits homeowners. Marble’s subtle appeal can add elegance and timelessness to any space. Its natural brightness makes it a great choice for areas with limited natural light, such as bathrooms or kitchens. These six reasons will help you decide if marble countertops are right for you.

1. Use In Baking

Marble countertops don’t absorb heat but maintain a temperature lower than the room temperature. This countertop is ideal for bakers working with chocolate, pastries, ice cream, and dough. This does not mean that marble can only be used in traditional bakeries or pizza places. Home baking on natural marble countertops is a great option for both professional bakers and chefs, as well as amateur bakers.

2. It Is Easy To Cut And Mold.

Marble is easier to cut than granite or other countertop materials. Many different edge profiles can be used to cut marble, including straight, bullnose, and demi bullnose, as well as angle and, chiseled. The waterfall edge is the most preferred premium edge. The waterfall edge is composed of three convex arches which cascade down from the top of the countertop. This adds texture and intrigue to the surface. Marble countertops are more expensive than granite countertops, but these decorative edges come at a higher price.

3. Durability

Marble requires more care than other natural stones to look its best. Marble is extremely durable. Many of the most iconic and well-known structures around the globe are made from marble. These landmarks include The Taj Mahal, Parthenon, Lincoln Memorial, and The Parthenon. Marble is strong and resistant to scratches and breaking because of its strength.

4. Elegance Of The Highest Order

Marble can be found in many colors, including yellow, green, grey, and rose. Rose and white are common. It has been admired for its beauty, warmth, and natural elegance since ancient times. White Carrara is the most popular variety of marble. It was used in Ancient Rome’s architectural architecture and by Michelangelo’s sculptors. Marble countertops will be as popular in 100 years as they are today if you choose marble.

5. Resistance To Heat

Although it is well-known that marble is a favorite of bakers because it retains its cool temperature throughout the year, not many people know it can withstand high temperatures. A marble countertop is not prone to melting, catching fire, or burning, but it is important to protect it using a trivet. Also, avoid placing hot cookware directly onto the surface. This will preserve the finish.

6. A Luminous Quality

Marble has an inherent shine that helps reflect light in a room. Marble countertops can make a space seem larger and brighter. This is particularly useful for smaller bathrooms or kitchens that don’t receive enough natural light. Marble countertops need to be polished regularly, just like other natural stones. Granite Polish is a top-quality product that can be used to care for marble. Granite Polish will keep your marble in top condition. Marble of the World the industry leader, provides safe products for stone. Marble of the World provides best natural-stone countertops and many more. For more information, Contact us at immediately.

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