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How To Sell Your Music On iTunes, Spotify (& 100’s of Streaming Platforms) 

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It is the dream of every music artist to sell millions of records under his name. Every artist today dreams to perform in the biggest stadiums and to be starred in sold-out shows. Every artist dreams to be the next Eminem or 2pac or Taylor swift. All of the legends in music started their journey very small. They had no resources. Just hard work is the reason for their success.

The same is not the case today. These days, we have platforms like iTunes, tidal, amazon and TikTok where artist can upload their music and get access to a crowd of billions. These apps are cloud music apps, which allow the artists to upload their songs and get exposure to the crowd, which uses the app. You can simply put your music on Tidal to generate revenue.

Today, you can Sell your music online and make money. Today, we have apps like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, etc on which you can showcase your talent. These apps host millions of songs and they have an audience spreading across the globe. This allows them to provide music across the world. 

MusicDigi is the best music distributor which allows you to put your music on all the major cloud music platforms like amazon, iTunes, Tindal, TikTok, etc. The whole process of uploading music with the help of musicdigi is centred around the artist and the revenue generation for the artist. When you upload the music, it is ensured that all the ownership title belongs to you only.  

Further, the process to put your music on iTunes is very simple when you use musidigi. All you have to do is to make an account on the platform and pay an annual registration fee. Once you have done that, you become eligible to upload music on the musicdigi platform. The platform works like magic after that.

You will easily Get your music on Spotify and all other major platforms after uploading it on music Digi because music Digi uploads your music along with the cover art that you had submitted to all the major platforms of music. This enables your music to get a lot of exposure as, within a few clips, your music will be exposed to millions of people across the world.

It makes it very easy to sell your music on Amazon and get the fame that you desire. If your song is appreciated by the audience and you get streams and downloads, then you will generate revenue which will be transferred to your music Digi account. This simple yet effective strategy will ensure that your music has been spread everywhere like a virus.


You can get your music on major platforms like Spotify, Google plays music, iTunes, tidal, Deezer, youtube music, SoundCloud pandora etc to earn money. All that you have to do is get in touch with a good music distributor. 

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