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How to Host an Escape Room Birthday Party?

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Escape room birthday party packages for kids make it easy to make sure everyone enjoys their party, even the reluctant ones. DIY escape rooms combine adventure with messy fun. This list includes puzzles for escape rooms, as well as a step-by-step guide.

Easy Homemade Escape Room Plan

Escape rooms kids party ideas require everyone to work together in order to solve puzzles, beat the games, and all this before time runs out. Escape rooms are great for group bonding and can be used as conversation starters.

Create Escape Room Goal

Make sure you set clear goals for the kids when setting up a DIY escape space. Even if there is chaos at the party, they will need to know what to do and where to look.

Make & Hide Escape Codes & Keys

The goal of the funny kids birthday idea is to find keys and codes that will allow you to open doors. We made a lock box for our escape room that kids could use to store the keys. To make an escape room, the first step is to:

  1. The creation of a lock and a set of keys. Usually, you will need three keys.
  2. Deciding where the goal is. They are both easy to spot and make great choices.

There are locks and keys that can be used for locks, such as lockers and bikes, but these can be hard to use by children under 12. They can be quite scary, so make sure to educate your guests about the appropriate use of locks and keys.

DIY Escape Rooms

You can create your own lock and key for a more simple, affordable, and kid-friendly game. You can use shoe boxes (or tuber-ware), plastic cups (or even a large bowl) as locks. You can make it look real, decorate it with your theme, or simply keep it as a storage container for keys. It must be visible and easy for kids to use.

The keys are as versatile as they come. These keys are made from cardboard, clay, or pipe cleaners. You must ensure that your kids know exactly what they are looking for.

Clear End Goal for All Children: A Prize to Be Found

This applies to the ultimate goal. Each party must know the end goal. The front or rear doors work well as they are located in the central areas of the house. You can decorate it with banners, streamers, or balloons to make the entrance stand out. Place the lockbox close to it once you are done.

Place prizes on the other side to add some fun! Candy, pinatas (little toys), and goodie bags are some great options. Do-it-yourself escape rooms are great because you can win prizes, which is better than real ones.

Set Escape Room Rules before the Birthday Party

Before the children can escape to their escape room, you need two important things.

  1. How many hints does this pair get?
  2. How long will it take to complete the escape game?

Both options will depend on the level of competition and your kids. Paranoia Quest Escape rooms typically give participants an hour for escape and three hints. We give kids three hints and limit them to an hour, but they must have a good time. If they’re happy with a little more time or a hint, we will give it.

This is a great chance to establish a time monitoring system and determine where non-participants are supposed to be while the game plays.

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