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Five Questions To Ask A Personal Injured Lawyer Before You Hire

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You may be considering a lawyer if you’ve been in a serious accident. A few local firms may be able to help you explore your options. It is normal to be anxious about the next steps in a lawsuit. It can be intimidating. The truth is, you have full control when you make an appointment with a lawyer. You ultimately decide if that particular firm or lawyer is right for you. How can you do this? Asking the right questions. While meeting with a personal injury attorney, consider the following list of questions.

1. How Does Your Fee Structure Look?

Attorneys can be expensive, it’s not secret. Most people think of attorneys as being hourly-based. An attorney may not charge an hourly rate for personal injury victims. Lawyers realize how much you have suffered from this type of accident and will wait to collect a fee after your case. This is usually only if you win money damages. This is known as a ” contingent fee”.

It is not easy to have a conversation about fees. Before your lawyer begins work, you need to be informed about the details of their fees. You should also determine whether the fees are hourly-based or based on a contingent fee. Also, ask who will pay for expenses. Filing your case, obtaining experts, and other administrative costs associated with a lawsuit can quickly add up. Your lawyer will pay these fees upfront on your behalf.

2. Are You Familiar With Similar Cases?

Make sure to ask your injury attorney this important question. You want to make sure that they have the knowledge and experience you need to win your case. Ask your car accident lawyer questions that are related to experience.

  • What other cases are similar to mine?
  • How long have been you practicing law?
  • What have been your successes in similar cases?

Truck accident cases, for example, have special areas of law that are only applicable to these situations. These cases are quite different from the typical car accident case.

3. Are You An Experienced Litigator Or Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are many types of lawyers. Many people mistakenly assume that every attorney is the same. It doesn’t matter who represents you. It is impossible to be more wrong. Many lawyers specialize in a specific area of law or concentrate their practice.

Think about what type of knowledge you require when you’re deciding who to hire a lawyer for your legal needs. Many attorneys focus on either litigation (going to court), or transactions (which often include deals, contracts, and real property). Transactional law is also a common category. A litigator is needed if you have a personal injury case. Your injury case may not be handled by the same lawyer who drafted your will.

4. Who Will Handle My Case? Who Will Be My Contact Person?

Many legal professionals, including the one at Savin and Bursk Law, use a team approach to practice so that your case is not handled by a single attorney. Other attorneys, paralegals, or support personnel could be employed by you. Getting to know the main point of contact is an excellent idea. This is typically a lawyer. The principal point of contact, meanwhile, might occasionally be a paralegal or assistant. It’s crucial to feel at ease when communicating with the person. You’ll disclose a lot about yourself, your family, and your life to your legal team, so you must have complete confidence in them.

5. What Level Of Involvement Will I Have In My Case?

While some people like to receive updates on their cases regularly, others prefer to only be involved when necessary. Ask your injury lawyer about the role you will play in the case. You may be more involved, so make sure you ask the attorney if they are open to this type of involvement. It is a fair question to ask about their email habits, how fast they respond to messages, and how frequently they can be reached by telephone. It is important to find someone who will listen and be open to your concerns.

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