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Tips from Raw Material Suppliers

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Many raw material professionals are interested in becoming qualified suppliers for our company. We want to share tips to maximize your opportunities to reach buyers and reduce frustrations and wait times. This article aims to provide transparency in sourcing and promote healthy interaction between selling and purchasing firms.

You should prepare to send an initial email that covers all information a buyer may need. 

Learn More about the Industry To

As a raw material suppliers, you might be supplying to various industries with different requirements. Make sure that your products fit the needs of the company. Send an email indicating the CAS number.

You can also attach other information to your email in order to make your case look more appealing.

You can answer common questions like:

  • If applicable, what is the minimum order number (MOQ) you accept?
  • What is your standard lead time, shipping term, or shipping point?
  • How often do these materials get produced? And what is the maximum batch size (EBQ)?
  • How many distribution facilities do you own?
  • What are the available pack sizes for your products?

Your product portfolio may be attached to the email. In addition to your name and any successful partnerships, you can include information about companies with which you have previously worked. This will also help your company to be a positive image with potential buyers.

You can then send an email.

Continue to Follow Up

Give them time. It is usually about a week. If they do not respond, send them a follow-up email. Buyers receive many emails, and it is possible for your email to be overlooked.

If You Receive a Reply, Answer All Questions/Concerns

If potential clients reach out to you with any questions, be sure to address them all. Sometimes samples may be requested for products in cases where complete information was already sent to them by email. This would be the next step.

Send Samples of Your Products

Not sending a sample to the Pharmaceutical industry sooner than this stage will not help. After reviewing documents such as MSDS, CEs and Certificate of Analysis (or MSDS), the material must first be pre-approved. After receipt and acknowledgment of the information and documentation, samples can be requested, or you can offer to send some.

Want A Timeline?

Don’t be afraid to ask about any time frames that the qualification process may take after all information has been received. This would save you unnecessary follow-ups and back-and-forth emails.

Discuss the scope of the Project Once you have found common ground with the new client, you can ask about the scope of the related projects. It demonstrates your commitment towards a proactive supply chain plan. It is vital to understand the implications for the current stage of the product lifecycle. Is this a commercial product, launch, or R&D product related to the product? If the latter, expect to not get much information about future orders, the quantity and when they will be delivered. It is still too early. The real demand will be better known once the finished goods are launched into the market. We will then evaluate initial market reactions and incorporate this information into our annual production planning.

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