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Why a Family Tree Is Very Crucial For Your Children?

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The benefits of genealogy are not unknown to anyone. If you know about your lineage, then you feel more empowered and connected to your own kin. It is always advantageous and it is very important to educate your children about the same. Knowing about our family history imparts a sense of awareness about our own selves in us. 

Besides that, it makes us feel proud of who we are. Teaching genealogy to your kids will bring them closer to the family and impart family values to them. Storing and keeping a record of where we come from and who have we descended from is very important. This is where the role of a family tree comes in. 

If you are looking for the perfect family tree template designsthen you must consider the designs from Record Click professional genealogists. Their PDF templates for the Family trees are free. You can download and print them and then fill it by hand. If you are looking for a more professional-looking tree, then purchase their editable trees. 

They have a huge variety of templates to choose from and all of these will be perfect for your family tree. These trees will be the best to store your lineage. They are like the notes of your own family. 

Benefits of teaching genealogy to kids

1- It gives them an interest in world history – for most kids out there, history is like a lullaby. They sleep at the mere mention of history. Since history is a bunch of facts that happened hundreds if not thousands of years ago, it never attracts kids as they are all about the present and more about the future. 

However, if you teach your family tree to kids, then it will help to put things in perspective. It is possible that your great-great-great-grandfather fought in the Civil War or your great-great-uncle was a soldier in World War I. Now, these historical events are not mere tales of the dead. They have become a tale of your family.

Those fighters who fought tooth and nail against the oppressors, those fighters who did not shy away from sacrificing their own lives are your own blood and flesh now.  

2- It instils interest in your own background – when the kids are taught about their own family tree, then they get to know more about who they are. They can even trace their physical characteristics to some of the ancestors who introduced these features in the family. Learning about your family tree brings your children closer to the roots. 

They start viewing themselves as a part of the bigger picture. 

3- It reminds you who the important members of the family- are as we grow up, our family members pass away. It becomes important to know about the family members and just hearing stories about them is not enough. We must also be able to trace them properly on a map. 


Death is a part of life and it must not be looked at in a negative sense. We must remember our ancestors in some form or the other because we are here because they have been here. 

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