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Considerations When Selecting A Drawer Slide

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A high-quality drawer slide will be easy to use for many years without posing too many problems. However, choosing the right drawer slide might be a difficult task. How do you pick the one that meets your needs the best? There are several important factors to think about when choosing an industrial drawer slide. Read the offered information in the guide below to learn more:

Slide Extension For Drawers

A slide was used. The length that a drawer may be drawn out from a drawer unit before coming to a stop is referred to as an “extension.” It describes the length of your drawer while it is open. Depending on how you plan to use it, you might require a three-fourth extension and a quarter of the drawer may need to stay in the cabinet. You can also choose a full extension, which will use the entire length of the slide to extend the drawer completely across the linear slide rail.

The majority of drawers extend to their greatest extent in many homes, however, industrial applications typically need slides that only extend 75% of the way. Users may access the contents of the drawer more easily thanks to the full extension slides, which allow the drawer to open along the slide. The over-travel feature allows the drawer to extend beyond its maximum extension. To prevent full access to the drawer, it is preferable to install a clip on the desk or countertop.

Technique For Repair

You have a few alternatives when it comes to installing heavy duty drawer slides. You can follow these guidelines to learn how to join the slide to the drawer. The three most common techniques are screw, dowel, and clamp. When creating furniture in large quantities, manufacturers frequently employ clamp fittings on production lines. If you intend to use the ball-bearing slide, attach it to the drawer’s face frame.

If the slide in question is a bottom fixed roller, the drawer’s base will be immediately secured to it. Most slides are pre-drilled with several holes for simple assembly. Nevertheless, depending on the carcass’s proportions, this could fluctuate. This process must be done correctly or the application will be turned down.

Rating Of The Drawer Slides’ Load Capacity

The load rating is one of the most crucial considerations to make when buying drawer slides. There are numerous drawer slides, and each one has a certain weight limit. Before you go out and buy any drawer slides, you must have a clear idea of the kinds of goods you intend to store in this drawer.

Make sure the drawer can support a lot of weight if it will be utilized for more industrial purposes. Although certain heavy duty drawer slides may carry loads of up to 500 pounds, the typical weight capacity of a drawer slide is 75, 100, or 150 pounds. You may more readily filter down your options to those that are most suited to your needs if you are aware of how much weight must be supported.

Features Of Drawer Slides

Whenever you get drawer slides, you will normally discover that they include several extra features that are specifically catered to your needs. Nowadays, almost all slides have a soft-close feature that allows you to slide a drawer along a linear slide rail without having it slam shut.

Self-closing slides are another choice; they are designed to pull the drawer in without the user having to make any effort. If your cabinetry is flat and devoid of knobs, you could opt for a push-to-open alternative. You only need to lightly push such a drawer for it to slide open in your direction.

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