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What is an Instagram Shadow Ban? How Do You Get Rid?

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Instagram shadow ban is a state in which Instagram limits the visibility of your Instagram profile and it can only be seen by your current followers and it can happen to anyone on this platform.

The period in which an account could be restricted like this may vary from week to even for months. People tell so many reasons behind it and yes there are solutions to this problem as well. We have filtered out the best solutions after exploring the experience of a lot of people. In this blog, we will discuss the shadow ban and methods to remove it as soon as possible. Buy Instagram followers to boost your performance.

Shadow ban check:

Sometimes it may be another reason behind your invisibility on Instagram so the most important thing is to verify that either you have a shadow ban by Instagram or there is something else. To find this out there are a few methods that can be easily done manually by the content creator. You can check it by following the given techniques:

  1. Hashtags are mostly behind the shadow ban story on Instagram accounts. If the hashtags you have used in your post are banned and not showing up then it means you also have been shadowban as a result of using those hashtags in your content. You can check the visibility of those hashtags by visiting their relevant pages.
  2. Another way to verify if you have been shadowban by Instagram is by reviewing the analytics. If you see a massive drop in your engagement metrics then it means you have been shadow banned.
  3. Also, there are several online tools by using them you can check if you are shadowban by Instagram or not.

Reason for being shadow banned

There are so many factors that could be responsible for you to get shadow banned on Instagram. The top factors are given below:

  • It can happen as a result of using an Instagram tool
  • The usage of broken or negative hashtags can also lead to this issue
  • If people are reporting your account frequently, this can also end up making you shadow-banned on Instagram.
  • This may occur as a result of following, or commenting too frequently and repeatedly.

Methods to get rid of Instagram Shadowban

There is given a series of seven steps that helps you get rid of this issue quickly. Let’s have a look:

Resume your posting:

The most important thing that you need to consider to solve this problem is to take a break from posting anything on your account. You should do it for at least a period of three days constantly. Just take a break and it will act like a reset button for your profile.

Delete hashtags

The usage of the wrong hashtag is the root cause of this issue the most immediate step to remove it as early as possible is to remove the hashtags from all of your recent posts.

Because we know that hashtags lead to higher engagement and more followers on Instagram. Pick and choose the right keywords for each post individually. You may have used the wrong hashtag in your most recent post which people have reported frequently. So, removing it will help you a lot to revitalize your account.

Add hashtags in comments

This is also a very important step to note that hashtags should not be added in the comments. Once you have carefully chosen them to add along with your post you should upload them in the description rather than writing them in the comment section of your posts. Putting too many hashtags in the description is also not a good practice. You must take some time and remove all the broken and extraordinarily irrelevant hashtags from your older posts.

Get in touch with Instagram

If you still don’t understand the root cause of this issue and how to get rid of it another thing you can consider is to contact Instagram. It may be helpful for you to get un-shadowbanned.

The methods to contact Instagram are given below:

  • You can do it by reporting a problem and sending them your pain point in the form of feedback
  • Can email Instagram at their official email Id
  • You can do it just by shaking your phone as it will initialize Instagram Rage Shake but not all mobile phones are entitled to this feature.

Don’t switch your account

Another main cause of your getting shadowban is the continuous switching of your account from one mode to another. This happens when you can’t choose between a general account and a business account on Instagram. Also, when you noticed you have been banned by the platform there is high time to take care of this fact and avoid switching your account as much as you can.

Stop all the restricted activities on Instagram

Some certain guidelines and regulations are implemented by this network and following these community guidelines is a must for everyone. When you feel this, you have been shadowbanned by the platform go and read all the community guidelines and check if you are doing something that goes against them or something that is violating the rules. If some activities go against the rules, you immediately quit them by choosing the safe side. This will help you remove the shadowban on your account.

How long it may last?

There is no exact time period that can be predicted. So many people have different assumptions about it some say it is removed within two weeks while others say that shadowban is removed after completing the time period of one month, but none of the assumptions is correct. We can’t say anything about it. The only thing we can do it to remove everything on our profile that goes against the community guidelines that are set by Instagram.


If your Instagram is suddenly losing followers, then it’s probably because you’ve been hit by the infamous ‘shadow ban’. This can be because you’ve been using unauthorized software, spamming (irrelevant) hashtags, or posting controversial content. To keep your followers on Instagram, avoid using wrong or spammy hashtags.

Reading this blog till the end will make you able enough to deal with this problem if it arises and you will be able to resolve this issue without taking any outside assistance. We should take all the necessary measures to enjoy a safe and sound social media journey but if such situations occur, we should try to resolve the issue without getting panic.

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