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Memory Foam or Latex Mattresses? Which one is better?

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Latex and memory foam mattresses often get compared. Both are layered foam beds that adjust to the body. Latex mattresses are less expensive, while memory foam is more durable. However, memory foam can retain heat. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, are difficult to move and heavy.

The distinctions between memory foam and latex, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each, are discussed in this article.

What is Memory Foam?

For memory foam manufacturing, companies take polyurethane and add chemicals to increase its responsiveness. Viscoelastic foam, as a result, conforms to pressure and body heat. However, it bounces back to its original shape when pressure is removed.

Although memory foam was first used in mattresses back in the 1990s, it was the bed in a Box idea that made the type of mattress very popular. For convenient, quick delivery, companies could make the best memory foam mattress and pack them into boxes.

Memory foam beds boast an open-cell structure to improve breathability. Manufacturers may add cooling gels or other conductive ingredients to the foam to wick heat away. You can read our memory foam vs. latex guide to learn more about these materials.

Memory Foam: What are the Pros?

Pressure Relief

Memory foam mattresses conform to body contours, which helps reduce pressure points. The material conforms to the shape of the body rather than pressing against it. This reduces pain rather than increasing it.

Motion Isolation

Memory foam’s role as a mattress crash material prevents any movement from being transferred across the bed. Memory foam mattresses may be a good option for couples who are restless and sleep on one side.

The Benefits of Latex


Latex is a bouncier substance than memory, so it leaves a person feeling more on top.

Can Be Customized

Many latex mattresses include a zipper at the sides that allows for easy opening and adjustment of the mattress’s feel. This allows you also to clean the inside of the bed.


Natural latex mattresses are made with very little or no added chemicals. Additionally, harvesting the materials leaves a minimal environmental impact. Many latex mattress manufacturers also use wool and organic Cotton.


Latex is naturally cooling. Many manufacturers aerate foam for additional breathability. Many latex mattresses include other breathable materials such as Cotton or wool.

How to Select the Best Option for You?

  • The best mattress depends on what benefits you would like to receive and your shopping restrictions.
  • We recommend a memory foam mattress for budget shoppers. Although synthetic latex is cheap, it lacks the durability of memory foam.
  • Natural latex mattresses are the best option for environmentally-conscious shoppers. Manufacturers cannot make memory foam, synthetic or blended latex products without using petrochemicals.
  • Memory foam is the best choice for a softer, more supportive mattress. Latex is denser than memory foam due to its structure.

Is It Possible To Get A Mattress Cover Made Without Fiberglass?

Fiberglass free mattress inner covers pose serious risks to your health. Most people are turning to safer, more affordable mattress covers because they are aware of the potential health risks. As an ultimate mattress protector from fire, some mattress manufacturers use chemicals in their mattress manufacturing.

However, it is well-known that these chemicals can pose health risks. You can find natural alternatives if your search is for them. Beloit mattress makes use of natural materials. If you are considering buying from the company, you can rest assured that you will receive a mattress that is not made of fiberglass.

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