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The Five Best Romantic Bollywood Films You Ought To See

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Bollywood Movies are a great way to observe cultural differences. Some films focus on interpersonal connections between two individuals, while others show how a romantic hero copes with life in the West. What’s crucial to keep in mind is that each film has the potential to take you somewhere else and at other times.

Romance, love, and the desire to escape reality are common themes in Bollywood 9xmovies. They’re looked down upon because of how popular they are. It’s important to note that each one is unique. Many individuals watch Bollywood films regularly, either at the theatre or at home, since they are among the most popular films in the world.

Many Bollywood audiences have discovered a love for romantic comedies. Here are five Bollywood films that satisfy your need for a romantic evening with your significant other.

Love per Square Foot

In this allmovieshub, two people, a girl, and her boyfriend share a cramped studio apartment. Over heels for her partner, Vicky is racking her brain for ways to make their studio apartment appear more spacious. What’s Vicky’s plan? Video gaming in the virtual world. The film follows a young man and his girlfriend navigating a cramped city flat. The lad is attempting to expand the cramped quarters for his beloved girlfriend. What did the young man come up with as an answer?

Video gaming in the virtual world. Love per Square Foot, starring Vicky Kaushal and Angira Dhar, is an honest and approachable tale of young love. It was directed by Anand Tiwari and is now available on Themoviesflix for digital download or streaming. Inspiring a legion of fans, “The Story” is a beloved classic among romantic films.

Sanjay and Karina plan to vacation to Mumbai to break their housing affordability loop. After saving for a few years, they are finally ready to purchase a house. When they arrive there, however, they see the fierce competition and decide they don’t need any more capital. They first stay with friends and relatives but get the confidence to approach their parents and grandparents for financial support.


Our hero, Shravan, has just split up with his fiancée and is set to begin working at his uncle’s pub in Goa. He develops feelings for a fellow student named Madhura, but when he attempts to approach her, he learns she is involved with someone else. As a means of getting over his ex, he takes a job at a bar and puts his earnings toward a trip to London. That’s where he runs into Madhura for the first time and where they make up.

Sushrut is a student from the city of Baroda who aspires to establish an academy teaching the traditional Gujarati dance known as Garba. An intelligent student named Michelle and her family go from London to Baroda, where they meet Sushrut during a Garba celebration. Strangers that meet end up becoming fast friends. When Sushrut develops romantic feelings for Michelle, he must show devotion to her.


There are three lovers in the movie Manmarziyaan. A young guy named Rumi is in love with Vicky, and so is another young man named Robbie. Vicky, the third character, is a girl who has feelings for Robbie. All three individuals, and the concepts of love and infatuation, are central to the plot. It delves into the dark side of love and how that seemingly good and harmless feeling can corrupt and destroy.

In this real-life account, Rumi, a lady who is unhappy with her current situation, meets Vicky, a guy who believes it is time for a change. Vicky and Rumi get close, fall in love, and live happily together until Rumi’s family discovers him when she suddenly departs. Rumi’s family wants her to find a suitable partner, but she’s in love with Vicky. In the narrative, we follow Rumi as she tries all in her power to win back her boyfriend, Vicky. And thus, in the end, Rumi’s struggle was for nothing.


With his new film, Zero, Shahrukh Khan has once again succeeded. There’s a guy and a woman in a relationship in this film. The man is a decent and honest professional cricketer, and the lady is ambitious and beautiful. There is profoundly emotional and physical attraction between them, but their occupations have put them in a precarious position. Unfortunately, they can only communicate remotely and end up falling into the same trap of prioritizing work above quality time together. Also featured in the film are Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. As always, he delivers a solid romantic picture, and his most recent effort, Zero, is no exception.

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana, a romance movie based on an accurate tale, premiered on April 12, 2018. Rajkummar Rao and Kriti Kharbanda, who play the leads, have terrific chemistry on screen. When married, they are separated despite their undeniable and unspoken love for one another. The picture ranks among the best romantic offerings of the year.

There is love between Aarti and Sattu. They finally settle on marriage, but Aarti discovers that she has to repeat the examinations to keep her job as a clerk after the wedding. This causes Aarti to ditch her wedding and go for the hills to avoid taking and passing the PCS examinations. Aarti encounters Satyendra, an IAS officer with a grudge against society for how it treats women after her wedding. After Aarti’s success in the PCS examinations and subsequent return to her former position as a clerk, she and Satyendra fall in love.

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