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How to Use a Hyphen Correctly?

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Compound nouns

These words are made up of two or more separate words. They may become hyphenated as they are used together more frequently over time. That hyphen may eventually be dropped, resulting in a single closed word. Consider the word skiing, toothbrush, and proof-reader. As language evolves, how we use compound nouns can often come down to personal preference until they are accepted as a single word. If you are any doubts then take the Assignment Helper Service in UK.

When compound nouns and verbs change

The rules are now in effect. And rules make everything more enjoyable.

Rule #1: A compound NOUN is hyphenated if it is used as a VERB.

NOUN: Look out, it’s a booby trap!

One-Eyed Willy had booby-trapped the Goonies. (Yes, I intended to write ‘booby.’ And hyphens are made more enjoyable by references to 1980s films. More than just rules.)

Rule #2: A compound VERB is hyphenated if it is used as a NOUN.

VERB: He wanted to increase the volume in his quiff.

His quiff was sticky from the build-up of hair gel.

Compound adjectives

These descriptive compound words are also subject to rules.

Rule #3: A compound ADJECTIVE is hyphenated if it comes BEFORE the NOUN it modifies. If it comes AFTER, it isn’t.

BEFORE THE NOUN: Brenda was always up for a game of Snakes and Ladders after dinner.

AFTER THE NOUN: Brenda couldn’t stop herself from playing Snakes and Ladders after dinner.

Replace two descriptive words before a noun with just one adjective to see if they need to be hyphenated.

Consider these…

COMPOUND ADJECTIVE: Take a look at his well-worn shell suit and adorable labradoodle.

ONE ADJECTIVE: Take a look at his flammable shell suit and cute labradoodle.

To avoid letter collision

These are collisions between two vowels or three consonants as the two words combine. You might mispronounce them the first time, or you might have to re-read them because they’re unclear. It frequently occurs with prefixes and suffixes.

Here’s an example:

Brenda hadn’t foreseen the hellish chaos that would ensue when Bernadette lost at Snakes and Ladders.

Brenda hadn’t anticipated the hellish chaos that ensued when Bernadette lost at Snakes and Ladders.

To avoid confusion

This is where hyphens are essential to the meaning and comprehension of your readers.

Are you renewing your lease on your apartment or resigning from your drab job?

Is she discussing the sculpture of a heavy metal woman or her music taste as a heavy metal woman?

To avoid repetition

This one helps comprehension and flow.

A ground-floor and first-floor flat is too clumsy in comparison to a ground-floor and first-floor flat.

Stop. It’s grammar time

Before you flee with your knowledge, there’s one more thing we need to discuss.

The one exception

When a word ends in ‘-ly,’ it makes things a little easier because no hyphens are required. However, they become more difficult because you must remember that they do not require hyphens.

Give those newlyweds a high-five if you want to congratulate them. There is no hyphen.

The hyphen hokey cokey is unnecessary

Language is easier to understand when hyphens are used (AKA: easy-to-understand language). If the words will confuse by having multiple meanings without a hyphen, then insert one.

Check the dictionary and common usage if a compound noun is used interchangeably as two separate words, hyphenated words, or a closed one. If necessary, make a stylistic choice. Choose what works best for you or your company’s style. ‘Copyedit’ is unfamiliar to me, and the shape does not appear to be correct. So I’ll stick with ‘copy-edit.’

Whether you’ve tried to use a hyphen in your writing or avoided them entirely, now that you know the rules, you can experiment with them now and then. The use of hyphens can give your writing more personality and voice! So go ahead and experiment with hyphens!

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