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Things you have to Consider Before Purchasing Colocation India

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The most compelling, cost-effective, & secure web hosting solution that a considerable number of businesses are choosing is Colocation India. Under the colocation, you get access to the services as well as facilities that enable you to reduce your investment, eliminate overhead expenditures, and shed off server responsibility. As a result, you acquire the opportunity to put your focus & time into boosting your business productively.

However, it is paramount to consider some crucial things before you seek Colocation India from any colocation provider. This helps you to obtain the most steadfast & worthwhile colocation services from the most dependable & top-notch colocation provider. Therefore, via this guide, we have highlighted those vital things. 

Also, you will get insights into the best practices you must implement to attain maximum business profitability with Server Colocation in India. But before we discuss anything else, let us first apprehend the significance & functioning of colocation in brief. 

Understand about Colocation Server

Colocation hosting India is the solution that allows you to acquire access to the third-party physical facility. The third-party (colocation provider) provides your business the space to securely keep & operate its IT infrastructure. Moreover, under the India colocation services, you also obtain appropriate power, network connectivity, across-the-board protection, and other hosting facilities. This lets you manage your business’ computing servers as well as hardware without constructing or investing in the data center. 

Top 10 Considerations for choosing your Colocation India Provider

Colocation India

Mentioned following are the most critical things to take into consideration before you decide to buy any plan of India colocation for your business. Let’s obtain a rapid glimpse at them!

  • Know you Necessities

You must spend a good amount of time assessing your current as well as future business requirements & goals. You can also take guidance for the same from a consultant or proficient industry professionals. 

  • Location

You must wisely choose the location of your Colocation Data Center in India. This is because the overall money investment, uptime, latency, and resource availability are influenced by the physical location of your data center. 

  • Disaster Plan

You must seek a Colocation India provider who has effective disaster recovery plans that include service restoration, data backup, etc. to diminish data loss or costly downtime or data loss. 

  • Scalability

Your colocation provider must be able to accommodate your existing business needs as well as its future growth. You must attain an easy scalability feature with the colocation services. 

  • Security

You must acquire physical as well as cyber security for your business & IT infrastructure. You can scrutinize the level of protection your business requires under colocation services & facilities.

  • Sustainability

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly partner, you must check the level & types of sustainable initiatives your colocation provider implements. 

  • Carrier Neutrality 

You must partner with a Colocation Services India provider who renders diverse network carrier options. This enables you to lower the investments & enforce a redundant design of the vendor network. 

  • Flexible SLAs 

You must ask for a contractual or SLA from your colocation provider. This enables you to assure the security of your company or organization.

  • Managed Services 

You must acquire the managed services from a team of experienced & skilled specialists at your Colocation Data Center in India. This helps you easily deal with urgent requirements, troubleshooting, and emergency situations. 

  • RFP Process

After figuring out all your necessities, ideal data center locations & other aspects, you should send an RFP to multiple colocation providers in order to make the most intelligent decision. 

Best 6 Practices you have to follow with Colocation India Server

Colocation India

The data center infrastructure management software also known as DCIM, plays the most influential role in India’s colocation. It helps you enhance the efficiency as well as the resiliency of your business operations. DCIM also provides you with insights into power usage and uptime. 

This further enables you to take more educated actions related to your billing models, forecasts, equipment, capacity planning, and facilitating remote asset management. Along with that, there are lots of benefits of Next-Generation Hybrid Cloud in Colocation Data Centers. So, with respect to DCIM, here are the excellent practices you should execute to remotely administer & manage your server colocation in India – 

  • Tracking & Managing Port Capacity

You must precisely track as well as maintain the inventory of your colocation. This enables you to easily make the right decisions for planning new infrastructure & troubleshooting equipment when your colocation environment grows dense & complex. 

  • Documenting Power & Data Connectivity Visually

When you implement effective network documentation in your Colocation India, you get the possibility to effortlessly boost the uptime & speed of your infrastructure. Also, this practice helps you trace cables without manual effort in order to detect the root cause of any trouble. 

  • Simplifying Space & Power Capacity Planning 

You must make use of your business intelligence dashboards. They enable you to efficiently simplify space & power capacity planning with utmost ease. 

  • Managing all the Assets Accurately

You can easily employ the practice of accurate inventory of data center assets in order to eradicate the need for Excel spreadsheets & Visio diagrams management. 

  • Monitoring the Power Loads

It is always wise to monitor the power usage as well as report on it in your colocation data center in India. This helps you maintain uptime & be aware of the amount of load each device is carrying 

  • Real-time Monitoring of Environmental Sensor 

When you monitor the environmental health of your colocation in real-time, the overcooling & hot spots can get easily identified. This further assures a safe operating environment for your business. 


Colocation India is the ultimate solution that permits you to construct expanded business profitability along with the maximum return for your money acquisition. It comes with the ability to deliver custom hosting services, powerful data security, the highest resource scalability, and substantial administrative privileges. However, you are required to take care of the things discussed in this guide before you purchase colocation from any web host. 

Further, here we can suggest you reach out to the Serverwala data center Colocation Service providers in India without any unbelief. It is a renowned Server Colocation India and lets you buy the most competent colocation plan with best-in-class facilities & top-grade benefits at the cheapest cost for your business. The data center also renders unbeatable operational speed, flawless web connectivity, real-time network & power monitoring, resilient infrastructure, and high efficiency. You can visit now the informational website of the Serverwala data center to obtain more details regarding top-leading India colocation services & facilities. 

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