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Simple Flower Drawing For Kids | Drawing For Kids Tutorial

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Drawing For Kids this time, are you ready to learn how to draw a Calla Lilly? Many artists before us have admired such blossoms, including George O’Keeffe and many others.

It’s now your turn to start mastering the art of Drawing. For Kids the instructions will make your ability to draw flowers simple.

We will likewise have a tonne of free time. We are fortunate to have access to such a wealth of knowledge, so don’t be alarmed. It needs a comfortable home environment and a computer to learn anything new.

Let’s put our supplies together:

  • To effectively complete the tutorials, you will need a few supplies.
  • You have the choice of drawing a few straightforward flowers or continuing to color the flowers with watercolors.
  • Sketchbook: Our favorite producers include Canson and Arteza.
  • Pencils are available at Arteza for affordable prices in a large variety. Also very good,
  • Artzmore\sEraser: A good eraser is necessary to repair any error you make as a beginner. Security is a smooth, multi-purpose eraser that cleans off charcoal and colored pencils. A prerequisite!

Purple Flower:

  • Now let’s look at the steps involved in adequately sketching and painting a geranium flower.
  • Even though this flower painting may initially seem a little tough, the steps described below will ensure that you accomplish the assignment effectively and without any complications, making it simple.

What Is A Geranium Drawn Like?

Step 1:

  • Use tiny circles first to sketch the fundamental shape of the miniature flowers. The flower’s petals will shortly be outlined here.

Step 2:

  • Fill in the outline with the petals of the flower. Pay close attention to the flower and place the petals where they should be and where they will fall naturally.

Step 3:

  • Finish the design and cut unnecessary lines.

How to design a poppy bloom the best


  • In the first stage, draw a basic outline of the poppy flower. An oval form should represent the flower’s center.


  • Beginning at the center oval mark, outline the first petal. From there, deviate slightly from the first rough form and draw three lines that look like a peace sign.


  • Complete the design by incorporating the required components as well as the various folds and forms that give the flowers their distinct personality and the appearance of poppies.
  • In this tutorial, drawing a flower from the side is shown. Similar to the front, but this time is seen from a different perspective. Drawing flowers is made more accessible by this manual.
  • The distinctive folds on the petals set off a successful poppy drawing from a simple flower, so don’t forget to include them at the very end.
  • This unique variety of flowering poppies reminds me of peony petals. I put it last because it is more complex and enjoyable.

How Do Roses Draw?

First Step:

  • The first step is to sketch the general shape of the flower. It should resemble a bud in appearance. Please put a middle there. To make flowers easier, we’ll utilize it as a base for more petals in the subsequent steps.

Second Step:

  • Position the front-facing petals of the flower first, exactly where they should be. Make sure to look carefully and avoid visualizing the results you want.

Third Step:

  • To create a rose that seems as realistic as possible, add some overlapped petals and a tiny bit of roughness to the edges.
  • Here, a drawing of a rose is considerably more lively. When petals are wrapped around the bloom, it looks fantastic and has a much more remarkable impact.
  • Drawing them will be easy if you pay close attention and fill in the blanks as you draw the flowers.

Drawing A Calla Lilly


  • To sketch the flower’s general outline. Overall, it has a teardrop shape. Once more, remember to mark the flower’s center and base as it descends.


  • Begin to draw a spiral that is swirling and going all the way down from the middle mark downward. In this manner, you are producing the structured petals needed for this stage.


  • Complete the design by incorporating the leaves and stem. Make sure it is not symmetrical; instead, make sure it contains twists and designs that make your design appear realistic.
  • A Calla lily flower can be drawn more easily from the front. Remember to indicate the center and pay particular attention as the petals are depicted in the drawing.
  • When you color your drawing, learning to draw calla lily flowers can be even more accessible.
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