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Why should you use a second hand car loan EMI calculator

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When it comes to buying a car in today’s times, you can have a wide range of options for it. Many automobile manufacturing companies constantly compete by providing cars at the best price. Also, finance institutes help buy a car by providing loans at low-interest rates.

Some people get a loan on the purchase of a second hand car. You can also get a used car loan from your nearest bank or NBFC. Check the available used car loan offered by different banks and finance companies, compare each other, and get the best one. You should get the loan from a reputed lender; otherwise, you will get caught in fraud. Before you apply for a loan, you can contact your lender for all the information and charges, like processing fees, about the loan.

You can use a second hand car loan EMI calculator to figure out how much money you need to pay each month. It helps you know whether it affects your monthly income too much or not.

What is a second hand car loan EMI calculator?

An online EMI calculator is software that calculates the EMI of your loan. You can use this calculator to set the tenure period and select the best second hand car loan interest rate. Generally, used car loans have a flexible repayment tenure from 12 to 60 months. Knowing how much you need to cover the principal and interest on your loan help you decide how to handle your expense and stay caught up.

How to calculate your monthly EMI using a second hand car loan EMI calculator?

You can calculate your EMI for your car loan on your smartphone. Search the second hand car loan EMI calculator in your browser, and open the calculator. You need to input the principal amount, interest rate, and tenure the lender offers. The calculator instantly calculates the EMI. You can increase the loan tenure if your monthly installment doesn’t fit your monthly income. You can also shorten the tenure to save yourself from paying too much interest.

Benefits of second hand car loan EMI calculator

There are many reasons you should use the second hand car loan EMI calculator before you buy the loan. Some benefits include the following:

Save time

It saves a lot of time and works when compared to manual calculation; as with an EMI calculator, you only need to enter data, and it will instantly display the result.

Provides break-up of the loan data

With the EMI calculator, you can calculate the processing costs, interest paid, total due amount, and principal amount. It provides detailed information about your loan data.

Compare lenders

With the EMI calculator, you can find affordable second hand car loan interest rates since it helps you compare similar products from various finance agencies.


EMI calculator saves you from making any errors when you calculate your EMI. If you miscalculate your EMI, you can hurt your monthly budget for several months.

Keep a check on your loan budget.

When you know how much loan you can afford and how many down payments are needed to return the loan. It helps you choose an appropriate loan amount that helps your budget.

Better control over finances

If you are still determining your monthly expenses, you can set a bar about how much money you will put in your EMI each month.

How does a second hand car loan EMI calculator work?

The second hand car loan EMI calculator uses this mathematical formula to determine the loan EMI:

  • P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1


  • P indicates the principal amount you borrowed from the lender.
  • R indicates the rate of interest your lender offered.
  • N indicates the tenure on your loan.

You must enter the value for a specific term, and the calculator shows the result. The EMI calculator displays a report containing the EMI amount, total amount payable, and interest payable.

What is the interest rate for a second hand car loan?

The second hand car loan interest rate is higher than the new car loan. You can get a used car loan with an interest rate somewhere between 10% to 26%. Many things, such as employment status, credit score, lenders, location, etc., affect the interest rate for a secondhand car. You can negotiate the interest rate if you are a regular customer at your lender.


Once you ensure that your EMI is less than 10% of your total income, you can spend each month without worry. You will need some documents and are required to meet the eligibility criteria. Get a used car loan at the best interest rate and purchase a second hand car instantly.

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