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The Complete Guide On How To Choose The Right Hair Extensions

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Women around the world are now obsessed with human hair extensions. Medical specialists and doctors advise hair extensions to maintain hair density naturally.

Making the ideal choice for lengthening or thickening your hair can be challenging. Trying to decide which extensions will be the best color, length, texture, and overall fit for you might feel overwhelming. Read further and find out which human hair extensions you want. 

What Is Hair Extension?

Hair extensions come in a variety of lengths, colors, and types. When choosing hair extensions you need to consider your own natural hair length as well as what you’re trying to achieve with your hairstyle. Also known as “Weave”, “Extensions” or “Remy Hair”, hair extensions are attached to your own hair by using several methods including bonding, braiding, gluing, weaving, or sewing.

Thanks to human hair curly extensions, your natural hair gains length, volume, and even color. Real human hair or synthetic fibers are used to create it, and different techniques, such as bonding, braiding, clipping in, and taping in, are used to attach it.

Various Types Of Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are extremely popular among celebrities as well as common women who are looking for some unique changes to their looks. So, why do we need to look at different types of hair extensions if dozens of brands offer them and are available almost anywhere? This is because the quality of these kits differs from one to another.
Hair extensions are a hot topic in the beauty world, but it can be hard to know all of the various types of hair extensions that exist. Here we will look at the most popular types of hair extensions and all of their variations in detail.

Clip-In Hair Extensions 

The greatest choice if you’re seeking a temporary, do-it-yourself hair extension solution is to get clip-in hair extensions. They don’t have a permanent bond with your hair, so you can remove them whenever you like.

In addition, when joined, they appear natural and seamless. This hair extension weaves the least expensive option available. You may attach it on your own, and it doesn’t harm your hair anyway!

Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape-ins include attaching thin tape wefts to your hair. Because it doesn’t include any chemicals, it feels and looks like natural kinky curly hair, making it a popular choice. It is similar to clip-in hair extensions. 

They are similarly simple to apply to your hair and take less than an hour to complete. If you take good care of your tape-in human hair extensions, they can last for around two months and be used three times.

Micro Rings 

Ring human hair extensions are an excellent way to attach extensions to your hair without needing heat or adhesive and look artistic. One of the more skilled methods of adding extensions is with micro ring rings. They feel and appear natural, too. The extension strands are put into the micro rings and clamped flat to secure them. Micro rings come in various sizes and hues, which is handy if you have colored hair.

Nano Rings 

Like micro ring human hair extensions, nano rings are similarly applied to the hair. The main distinction is that nano ring hair extensions are the best for fine hair

Since the rings are so tiny, the extensions are essentially unnoticeable. Remove the extensions 6 to 8 weeks after the initial application to prevent hair stress. These are different from wavy clip-in hair extensions as you need to go to a professional style to install them. 

Keratin Pre-Bonded 

If you want something you can wear daily, keratin pre-bonded hair extensions offer realistic and natural results. The keratin pre-bonded human hair extensions, also known as hot fusion that joins the keratin square to a specific section of your hair set this style apart from others. As the hair stylist works on molding and shaping the extensions, the heat seals them completely, making this an extremely durable connection.


Hair extensions are a fantastic way to improve your current hairstyle, but it is important that you follow safe practices when selecting a style for you and your hair and at the same time choose the right hair extensions for you. With this guide, we hope that you will be able to choose the right hair extensions for your hair today.

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