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Epson Printer Not Responding? Get Your Problem Solved

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There are many of the users who are facing the same error “Epson Printer Not Responding”. This article will be useful to all those users who want to troubleshoot this difficulty. Let’s see, how to solve Epson Printer Not Responding issue efficiently…

How To Solve When Epson Printer Not Responding?

There are some quick ways that can help you to overcome Epson Printer Not Responding issues. Just follow them merely:

  1. Check the connection between your printer and computer. Set your printer as the default printer. As it can be possible that Epson Printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi is the issue that is causing trouble.
  2. You should update the driver for your printer.
  3. Run a check on the Print Spooler service.
  4. All print jobs should be cleared.
  5. Print your document using another program.
  6. Ensure that your printer is working properly.

How To Solve Epson Printer Not Responding Mac?

Many of the iOS device users would be facing the Epson Printer Not Responding Mac issue. Do not worry, if you are also one of those users. Simply, follow the guidelines shared below with you.

Restart both Devices

Restarting both your devices is the easiest way to fix this issue. It will allow your printer to refresh as well as to resolve some of the minor technical issues. The steps for restarting both devices are as follows:

  1. Go to the Apple Menu and select Shut Down to turn off your Mac.
  2. Using the power button on the printer, turn off the Epson printer.
  3. Make sure that both devices are turned off.
  4. Once they have been turned off, wait for a few seconds before turning them back on.
  5. Ensure that both devices are switched on and that they are both in a stable position before switching them off.
  6. Make sure the printer and Mac device are connected once this has been done.

Update Drivers

A printer that is not connect to your system due to pending drivers update will not be able to print. If you are wondering, How can I connect my Epson printer not connecting with Mac and IOS device, then consider updating your printer drivers. You can update your Epson printer’s drivers by following these steps:

  1. Make sure your Mac or iOS device is turned on before you begin the process.
  2. Enter the Official Epson Website’s URL in the search bar of Safari Browser.
  3. Click on the driver’s section of the Epson website.
  4. Press Enter after entering your printer’s name and model number.
  5. Choose the most recent and compatible printer driver from the list of results.
  6. The Epson Printer drivers can be downloaded by clicking the download button.
  7. Complete the downloading process by following all instructions.
  8. Start the installation process by double-clicking on the downloaded file.
  9. If the issue has been resolved, check to see if it has been fixed.

Restart Wi-Fi Router

A poor signal strength on your router and a poor internet connection will likely prevent your printer from connecting to your Mac. To restart your router simply just follow these instructions:

  1. The power button on the router should be pressed to restart it.
  2. It should also be unplugged and inspected for any broken or defective wires.
  3. Allow a few seconds to pass (say 30 seconds).
  4. Connect the wires again and restart the router.
  5. Verify that the issue has been resolved.

How To Solve Epson Printer Not Responding Wireless?

Following are some steps you can take to resolve the Epson Printer not responding wirelessly problem.

  1. Epson printers can be reset to a default position by resetting them;
  2. The Epson printer should be turned on.
  3. Push the reset button until the lights begin blinking.
  4. Connect the essential lights to your wireless connection once the essential lights turn on.
  5. Verify the Wi-Fi connection of your PC or laptop.
  6. Go to the ‘Control Panel> Add Printer & Devices’ section of your system and add the Epson printer there.
  7. The latest drivers should be installed after the connection has been established.
  8. Your Epson printer will begin printing immediately after you give it the print command.

If this doesn’t work then follow this:

Disable the Firewall

Having an antivirus program that is on your device is one of the most important things you can do to protect it. The reason behind this not responding problem may, however, sometimes be due to one of these factors. For this, you should try disabling the firewall and see if the printer begins to work again after that. The issue may be with the antivirus if that is the case.

Set Your Printer as Default Printer

  1. Your computer must be turned on.
  2. Click on the search option and enter Default Printer.
  3. To set your default printer, select “Let Windows manage it.”
  4. Allow Windows to manage my default printer by disabling it.
  5. Right-click your Epson printer under Devices and Printers.
  6. Make this your default printer by selecting it from the list.
  7. Simply tap on the green tick. 

In The Conclusion

Hopefully, the solutions shared for fixing Epson Printer Not Responding should be useful to you. Now, you can easily get flawless access to the printer.

There would be many users who are still facing with the same issue. If you are also facing the similar then you can easily get in touch with our experts. They are available 24*7 hours just to help you out.

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