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What Are The Types Of  Writers And Their Job?

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As you may usually utilise your imagination and produce content autonomously, writing jobs can be satisfying. However, students may think that pursuing their career as a cheap essay writer and assignment writer are the only two jobs by which they can gain success.

A career in one of the following fields may be right for you if you love to write and have a natural flair for language. But first, let’s discuss different careers which are related to writing.

  • Reporter –

In order to inform the public about events in the world and their local area, reporters gather information for news articles and then write about their discoveries for news media, including internet sites, newspapers, and magazines.

Reporters for broadcast stations may also use radio or television to present their tales. Many journalists focus on a particular type of news, like sports or entertainment.

The salary of a reporter can go up to $40,683/year.

  • Grant writer –

A grant writer locates funding sources and creates compelling bids to get the money for their foundation or nonprofit organisation.

When creating their applications, they must adhere to the grant guidelines set forth by each donor.

Grant writers often pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Writing, English, Communications or a comparable field.

Additionally, they might pursue coursework or a degree in a subject like political science or healthcare that is connected to the company or industry they write grants for.

The salary of a grant writer may go up to $42,879/year.

  • Columnist –

An opinion columnist expresses their views on current affairs in a newspaper, magazine, or online medium.

They frequently write on specialised topics like politics, sports, or the latest in fashion.

Many columnists write not only columns but also books and offer their professional opinions on radio and television shows.

These writers may obtain a bachelor’s degree in a subject relating to their specialised writing sectors, such as political science or the fine arts. These subjects include English, journalism, communications, and English.

Higher education is not necessarily necessary because some columnists can find work after working in the industry they write about for a number of years.

The average salary of a columnist is $39,956/year.

  • Communications officers –

A communications officer write promotional content, such as press releases, brochures, and newsletters, per their employer’s marketing strategy and branding standards.

They must adhere to their employer’s approved style when producing their content.

Most communications officers hold a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications, or a closely related subject.

A few years of relevant experience may also be necessary for some roles.

The salary of a communications writer can go up to 47,397/year.

  • Social media manager –

In accordance with the standards of the company’s brand, a social media manager creates a social media strategy for their customers or staff.

When a company wants to interact with its followers on social media, they then create original posts and comments and post them on the company’s behalf.

Many also make use of analysis tools that monitor user interaction and compile user data, which they then use to enhance their content to better meet the demands of their audience and market to new people.

A large number of social media marketers hold a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, public relations, or a closely related discipline.

They frequently need to be highly proficient across a range of social media channels, including the best practices for each.

The average salary of a social media manager is 47,745/year.

  • Communication Specialist –

Before it is released, a communication professional checks and coordinates corporate and marketing materials.

Every material must be error-free, factually correct, and written in the company’s desired style and voice.

Despite the fact that they rarely provide new content, they are an essential component of the writing process.

These individuals often require a bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, technical writing, or a closely related discipline.

They should have great editing abilities in terms of both content organisation and spelling and grammar.

A communication specialist can earn up to $48,858/year.

  • Advertising manager –

A advertising manager works with creatives to develop advertisements according to marketing plans they have written for their clients or employers.

They collaborate closely with copywriters and art teams to create advertising content.

The typical educational background of advertising managers is a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising or a closely related field.

Employers may demand candidates to have relevant professional expertise in marketing and advertising, copywriting, or designing.

As an advertising manager, you can earn $50,167/per year.

  • Copywriter –

A copywriter creates content for a range of documents and platforms, such as blogs, online articles, websites, advertisements, and social media. After the demand for cheap essay writers online, this profession can be considered a trending one.

They rely on their compelling writing skills to persuade customers to use a company’s goods or services.

A lot of copywriters have at least a Bachelor’s degree in English, journalism, communications, or a closely related subject.

With a good portfolio of written work instead of a degree, some people might be able to get employment.

These experts frequently need to possess communication, storytelling, and audience engagement abilities.

  • PR manager –

.A public relations manager maintains an organisation’s or client’s public image

They prepare press releases, speeches, and marketing copy to support positive news and combat unfavourable exposure.

In addition, they inspire other authors, like bloggers and journalists, to produce uplifting articles about their customers or employers.

Typically, these individuals hold a bachelor’s degree in public relations, business, communications, or a closely connected field.

Many people go on to acquire a master’s degree in those fields or others, such as fundraising, public health, or nonprofit administration, in order to improve their profession and boost their earning potential.

The average salary of a PR manager is $54,111/year.

  1. Executive Assistant –

An executive assistant assists a business executive with administrative duties, which frequently involve writing.

Executive assistants are in charge of a variety of tasks, such as drafting briefs, creating papers for company reports, and creating thank-you messages for contacts.

Even though many businesses may prefer individuals with Bachelor’s degrees, those with years of relevant experience may be able to find work with only a high school diploma, GED, or associate degree.

According to the best cheap essay help online by writers available online, students can pursue this stable career option.

When accomplishing writing assignments, these experts frequently draw on their expertise in writing and editing, customer service, research, and audience interaction.


The above-mentioned professions related to writing can be considered one of the best in recent times. However, each of these writing professions demands different skills and qualities. Last but not least, if you want to pursue any of the mentioned professions, it is always suggested to always look at the requirements and skills required.

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