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A car can be badly damaged by the effect of sun in Dubai. During testing and Research Facility predicted that indoor air temperatures were measured well in excess of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures in excess of 195 degrees Fahrenheit have been observed on indoor surfaces exposed to direct sunlight.

It’s not just the dashboard and chairs that need to be protected from the sun’s harmful rays. The paintwork and engine of a car are also at risk. It’s always best to be safe and prepared, whether you live in a warm environment year-round or just need protection during the summer months.

How Does Heat Affect A Used Car For Sale In Dubai?

Perhaps, the effect of sun in Dubai on a car varies from car to car. However, there are a few general impacts that every vehicle will experience.

  • The interior and exterior of the vehicles are affected by the UV rays.
  • Car paint dries, and the paint begins to peel off.
  • The car gets caught in a premature aging spiral.
  • Dashboard cracks & damage to the upholstery.

Let’s look at how you can protect your vehicles from the extreme effects of heat and sunlight.

Protection Of The Car Interior

Park in a shaded area

It’s the simplest form of defense. You can prevent your dashboard from drying out and cracking by avoiding direct sunlight. If it is secure to do so, open the windows with a crack to reduce the inside temperature and equalize the air pressure.

Protect Your Windshield With A Sun Visor

It’s a way to keep your car cool and protect it from the effect of sun in dubai. These visors may seem difficult to use, but they’re actually pretty easy to unfold and place on your dash.

Cover The Seats With Seat Covers

Not only do they keep leather and cloth seats cool, they also protect them.

Use A Leather Conditioner To Protect Your Seats

They can be severely damaged by the sun and heat. Keep the seats clean and apply leather conditioner regularly to avoid cracking or cracking. It will be good to check while buy used car in Dubai.

Tips For The Car Exterior

Wash And Dry Your Cars Frequently

Effect of sun in Dubai can cause the paint to fade and crack. Regular washing and hand drying of your car will help remove dirt and dust particles that can cause tiny scratches and fade the paintwork.

Grow Your Vehicle

Between your car’s paint finish and the sun’s UV rays, a layer of wax is a great way to protect it.

Make Sure Your Tires Are Properly Inflated

Under-inflated tires and hot asphalt can be a deadly mix that can lead to a blowout. Even good tires can lose a pound of air pressure a month, so it’s important to check tire pressure regularly in hot weather. Make sure you are using the correct tire pressure for your car.

Under The Hood

Simple car maintenance and preventative maintenance can keep you on the road and off the mechanic’s shop.

A Cooling System Is Included

Make sure your engine is in satisfactory condition to avoid overheating. Check the belts and drain the antifreeze/coolant. Replace belts and fluids regularly according to your vehicle manufacturer’s instructions.

Generally Liquids

If the fluid level is below the prescribed values, the risk of overheating increases dramatically. Check engine oil, transmission oil, power steering oil and brake fluid regularly. If fluids need to be replaced, refer to your owner’s manual for the fluids required.

Air Conditioning

If the temperature inside your car isn’t cool enough, the refrigerant level in the air conditioning system may be low, or there could be a more serious problem.

We’ve all experienced those burning seats, boiling steering wheels, foul smells, hot scorching gears, and hot seat belts working like a frying pan. Right?!

I am sure you have experienced these things whether you were buying used car in Dubai or anywhere else.

Now the question is how to solve these problems.

With this list, we have the perfect answer for you:

  • Open the doors for a few minutes before getting into the car to let out heat and unpleasant odors and also protect the rubber seals of the doors.
  • If you plan to park your car in the heat for a while, be sure to turn the steering wheel for 180 degrees before exiting the car. This way, you avoid frying your hands. Or you can even buy one of those steering wheel covers that don’t absorb as much heat from the sun and still drive more comfortably.
  • As for the scorching gears, just pop a paper cup over them, and you’re good to go. You can also spray some cold water if cups are not available.
  • Use the same cold water hack with the seat belt buckles, it will cool them down instantly.

Now for the stinky smells

You can either leave the door open for a while or stick a dryer sheet on the air conditioner vents.

Invest in a light-reflecting windshield sunshade. It reflects all the light that comes through the windshield. They are very inexpensive and you could get one to cover your windshield and windows. A solid one-time investment!

Finally, don’t leave anything on the dashboard as it will melt and can be a hassle to remove later.

These are the top heat car maintenance tips that every car owner should know to protect from effect of sun in Dubai and preserve the value of the car. Follow these tips now and thank us later!

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