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Prada Infusion D’Iris 2007 Or 2015

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If you’re in the market for a new scent, Prada is reissuing Infusion d’Iris. Its color scheme has been modified to match Les Infusion de Prada, but the scent is still mostly the same. The new Infusion d’Iris has a fresher smell and lacks the smoky air of the 2007 version. Meanwhile, the new Infusion d’Iris Cedre is a different fragrance that emphasizes woody notes and frankincense.

Infusion d’Iris

The scent is the same, but there are some differences. The first is the base, which is very soft and slightly soapy. It opens with a hint of citrus and iris, but soon develops into a more powdery floral. The perfume lasts well on the skin and has a nice 16-hour longevity.

Infusion D’Iris was created by Daniela (Roche) Andrier and is part of the Les Infusions collection. It is characterized by floral and woody notes and is best worn during fall, winter, and spring. It is a very feminine fragrance that is suitable for women and men.

The scent has a delicate floral base, but the notes are sophisticated and complex. It features mandarin, orange blossom, galbanum, and iris. It also has notes of benzoin, cedar, and lentisc. The bottle is a classic and classy one, evoking femininity without being overly sweet or cloying.

L’Eau d’Iris

Prada’s L’Eau d’Iria combines the freshness of summer greenery with the delicate scent of spring flowers. This fragrance was developed by perfumer Daniela Andrier. Its floral and woody notes are balanced by notes of incense and benzoin. The blend of these elements creates a masculine, yet feminine scent.

Fragrantica users report that L’Eau d’Iria smells fresh, floral, and minty. Although there’s a soapy note that some people find unpleasant, most say it’s a nice scent. It has a powdery floral smell, with a touch of musk.

Prada L’Eau d’iris is a classic fragrance with a unique structure. It’s a powdery fragrance with green, earthy tones. It’s produced from iris roots and takes three to five years to create. The iris is a key ingredient in the composition, and the addition of mastic resin gives it body while allowing it to last. The result is a remarkably fresh, yet very sophisticated scent that lingers in the air.

The new Infusion d’Iris perfume from Prada is more refreshing than the original. Its color palette is similar to Les Infusion de Prada, but the scent isn’t exactly the same. The new Infusion d’Iria lacks the smoky quality of the original. It also has a new counterpart, Infusion d’Iris Cedre, which emphasizes woody notes and includes frankincense.

Powdery notes

Prada Infusion d’Iris Eau de Parfum was formulated by perfumer Daniela (Roche) Andrier as part of her Les Infusions collection. The scent combines woody and floral notes with classic Italian ingredients to create an unforgettable aroma. The scent lasts for six months, and is suitable for both men and women.

The scent opens with a bright citrus, slightly soapy edge and iris petals. The base is a blend of iris, white musk, bergamot, and soft incense. The scent also includes a touch of vetiver and a silky musk accord.

If you’re not a fan of flowery fragrances, Infusion d’Iris has a powdery side. It also has a carroty nuance. This fragrance is recommended for spring and autumn. Its iris note conveys an air of naturalness, a feeling of being in the forest. Its other ingredients include iris, galbanum, vetiver, and Virginia cedar.

The iris in Prada Infusion d’Iris 2007 or 2015 is a floral scent with amber and green notes. The floral notes have been adjusted to make them more fresh and uplifting. The iris is complemented by red ginger and neroli in the middle notes. The background notes are made up of sandalwood and other woody notes. The combination of the green and fresh notes creates a sensual tension that is infectious and captivating.

Long-lasting aroma

Prada Infusion d’Iris 2007 and 2015 are both scented with iris. Both scents are very similar and have a smooth structure. The iris is the main ingredient in these perfumes, so the base needs to be well thought out. Among the ingredients is vetiver and cedarwood, both of which have a dry woody aroma, but do not overpower the iris heart. Mastic resin also lends body and softness, which allows the perfume to last a long time.

The iris note in Prada Infusion d’Iris is both clean and fragrant. Its fresh, powdery scent is reminiscent of a iris-scented Japanese temple incense. The scent also features a sweet, soapy note. Users on Fragrantica remark that the perfume is unisex but has a singular feel.

The Prada Infusion d’Iris perfume was introduced in 2007, and is considered to be a versatile scent that will suit many occasions. Its floral and woody aromas are not overwhelming and can be worn for various occasions. It lasts for a long time, making it a perfect fragrance for any occasion.

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Meta description:The colour scheme has been changed to match Les Infusions de Prada, but the scent remains mostly the same. The new Infusion d’Iris has a more pleasant aroma and lacks the smoky flavour of the 2007 version.

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