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Live Streaming  Events On Social Media Platforms

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Online events are the trend. With the coming of so many platforms, the audience is slowly switching toward these reliable solutions. Most small and medium enterprises are using these platforms for the creation of marketing strategies and much more. In this blog, we’ll be going to discuss how live streaming is done on leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Social Media Live Streaming – Understanding The Term 

It basically represents the sharing of real-time videos on these public channels for gathering maximum viewers under a single window. In common terms, it is known as “Going Live” on different platforms. The engagement with the audience is quite strong as the content is very fresh and uneditable by the host.

This type of streaming is mostly famous among influencers as well as bloggers who tend to increase their fanbase or reach the maximum public. They use features such as live chats, live polling, real-time interaction with the viewers, and much more.

Going  Live On Social Media 

Going live on social media channels is very easy and simple. The main complexity arises in the selection of the platform for going live. It depends on different factors such as no. of viewers, features offered by the platform, and much more.

  • Facebook: You can go live on Facebook by creating the post. Then you tap on the live video button and go live. This will send the invitation to your friends and followers as a pop-up on their profiles. 

The interested ones will join you in your live stream. In addition to this, you can also live stream your event using any third-party streaming software. All you need to do is just paste the Facebook link on the streaming software and relax !!

  • Instagram:  Going live on Instagram is the same easy as in the case of Facebook. Collaboration with the guest, and asking followers to join your event is quite easy on Instagram. After opening the app, open the camera section and access the Instagram live screen. In addition to this, you can also go live on both these platforms at the same time.
  • LinkedIn: Though the LinkedIn Live feature can only be accessed by those individuals who belong to a certain specific demographic location, the minimum number of followers, etc. you can easily check this by clicking the event button on the home page of your profile. If you are eligible for hosting a live event on this platform, simply click the Broadcast button and enjoy.
  • Twitter:  with so many tweets as well as retweets, sometimes it becomes impossible to notice each and every tweet from the user end. There comes the role of video streaming into play. Simply, you can go live on Twitter by adding the description, and location, and inviting guests to join your event.
  • With the help of third-party software, you are allowed to stream your event on multiple social media channels. However, because of its strict policies of Instagram, does not officially support any type of third party integration with the app.

Handy Tips To Enhance Your Live Streaming Experience

Here are some of the important tips which can help you in making your live streaming experience on these social media platforms smoother and better.

Keep Tracking Your Analytics 

Just try to focus on the social media live-streaming features for your event. The features can attract many audiences and removes them too. Try to boost the productivriy of your session and ways to increase the audience count. Do some in-depth research with the use of third-party tools for accuracy in measuring event performance.

Promotions Are A Key To Success

The more you promote your event, the higher the chances of the event getting successful results. The running of promotional campaigns should start at least a month before the actual date of happening of the event.

Promotions are crucial for the audience in many ways. Some of the most popular ways include sharing the links on different social media platforms, creating customizable landing pages, etc. Try to send invitation emails on the same day of happening of the event. This will alert your potential viewers about the event. These small things work very effectively.

Make the Best Engagement Possible

After all, everything is revolving around engagement with the audience. With the help of professional, third-party platforms involve interactive features in your event. This will work in the favour of increasing the audience count. 

 The features such as real-time interaction during the live event, chats, live polling, and handouts can make an overall good impression on the audience. However, most social media streaming platforms come up with a free-of-cost solution but feature foundations on going live.

Wrapping Up 

Social media is very influential. It has the largest fanbase in the world. Choosing these platforms for live streaming of your event works in favor of the sponsors as well as the widely diversified audience. As everyone can connect with the remote location, social media live streaming holds maximum attention to the content being shown to the audience.

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