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5 Best Instagram Story Apps for Creating Outstanding Stories (2022)

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Most firms have shifted their resources to Instagram and adapted their digital marketing strategies accordingly.

Marketers have shifted to Instagram because of Facebook’s reduced reach, which compelled firms to find a new channel to engage with their audience organically. Over 500 million accounts use Instagram City stories daily, contributing to the platform’s popularity.

Regardless of their trendiness, Instagram stories are unquestionably on the rise, and, likely, they’ll soon dominate marketing trends.

Following reasons why you need to convert to Instagram marketing immediately if you haven’t already:

  • The algorithm still prioritizes sponsored content, unlike Facebook’s Newsfeed.
  • Narratives allow for improved engagement and reach due to their structure.
  • Instagram stories and Instagram Highlights have a high potential for virality due to their discoverability.

The time has come to acquire the tools necessary to enhance and maximize Instagram stories.

1: Canva

Instagram stories can be created by uploading photos and videos from your camera roll and pre-designing the visuals in advance. There is no doubt that Canva is the best tool to attain this goal.

Canva is a template-based graphic creation application that is as effective and user-friendly. The free plan gives you access to hundreds of thousands of templates, graphics, and photographs. The best part of Canva is that you can collaborate with others and share your work. Select the Share icon in the toolbar and provide coworkers’ email addresses if you need a second opinion.

Inadvertently including premium assets will require either paying to remove their watermarks (about $1 per asset) or removing them altogether. A few other picture and video editors for IG Stories include Adobe Spark, CutStory, Hype Type, Hyperlapse, Photoshop, VSCO, Clipomatic, Life Lapse, StoryLuxe, and Design Kit.

2: Unfold

The Story templates offered by Unfold aren’t as big as those provided by Canva. You can choose from more than 300 story layouts and collections, including Retro, Classico, Film Frames, Ripped Paper, Journal, Artist, etc.

The application is quite simple to use. Once the application has been installed, you won’t get lost in the search. You will see an empty dashboard where you can insert your photos and videos. After entering the Story’s name, select a stunning layout from the available options.

Several layouts are only available as premium alternatives. You must subscribe to the Unfold club or purchase the template to access them. However, some beautiful layouts are free as well.

Regardless of your choice, you can make your Story stand out by using filters, stickers, textures, emojis, and backdrops. Your creation can then be shared on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Tik Tok.

3: Boomerang

If you want to add extra fun and surprise to your Instagram Stories, Boomerang is the video editing app you need. Instagram develops this app, but you can also download it on other platforms.

Using Boomerang, you can create custom GIFs and short video clips in just a few clicks. Your SMM CAPTAIN UK will love this adorable mini-video. You may share it directly to your Instagram or Facebook app or store it for later.

4: Hashtag for likes

You’ve mastered the captions for your Instagram photos and stories but are still unsure where to use hashtags. A hashtag for likes might help! It’s an Instagram hashtag generator that takes the guesswork out of hashtag creation.

Using this tool, you can identify simple, moderate, and challenging hashtags depending on your objective. As a result, your Instagram visibility and search rank will increase.

You can search for top trending hashtags by entering a subject term into the search bar, and you’ll have access to them within seconds. As well as seeing their difficulty rating, frequency of use, reach, and number of likes, you can save your favorite hashtags.

Since there is no free version of this program, if you want to gain active Instagram followers UK with current hashtags, they provide an inexpensive premium option.

5: Buffer

It was recently announced that Instagram would enable third-party solutions to connect directly to its API to create posts.

Buffer makes it easy to rearrange and evaluate your Stories once they have been designed to ensure they are posted in the correct order after they are completed. You can easily plan and schedule story posts from your desktop or mobile devices, whether on the road or sitting at your desk (using the Buffer app).

The Buffer Publish dashboard under the Stories option does not yet support automatic Instagram uploads. Create a Buffer profile, connect your Instagram account, and visit the Buffer Publish dashboard.

Upload your video and image material to the Stories editor. It is possible to submit ten media files per Story. Drag and drop the media assets into the desired sequence and preview your Story. Choose a date and time for publishing if you like what you see.

You can save time and effort preparing and scheduling Stories with Buffer so that you can spend more time on your content and Instagram goals.

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