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 HVAC Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

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Winter is quickly approaching, and summer is leaving fast. The perfect time of year to prepare your furnace for another heating season and perform basic HVAC maintenance. This also implies hiring reliable hvac installation services in Houston TX. The following simple procedures will help you stay safe this winter by preventing furnace failures.

Air Filter Replacement – Reliable HVAC Installation Services in Houston TX

Large particles might fall on AC and harm delicate heating and cooling equipment. By eliminating tiny contaminants from the air, high-efficiency filters help enhance indoor air quality. Hiring Professional HVAC services in Houston TX, is a smart approach to enhancing the air quality.

Over time, the filter gathers dust, grime, hair, textile fibers, and other airborne pollutants. Even though you desire this, a dirty filter impedes airflow. Moreover, it overtaxes your furnace and increases your heating costs. To avoid this, don’t forget to change the filter every one to three months.

Your Thermostat Should Be Set To Save Energy

The moment has come to convert from cooling to heating as winter draws near. When you do, you may also want to change the temperature on your thermostat to suit your seasonal tastes better and increase energy efficiency. Observe the following important details:

  • Set the thermostat in your house to no more than 70 degrees. To keep yourself comfortable, dress for the season.
  • When you’re resting at night or spending the day away, set the thermostat to between 60 and 62 degrees. A programmable thermostat allows for set-and-forget operation.
  • As little as possible, refrain from altering your preset settings. Before adjusting the thermostat, add another layer of clothing or curl up in a blanket if you’re chilly.
  • Just raise or lower the temperature by one or two degrees if necessary. Setting the thermostat to 80 degrees won’t help your house heat up any quicker and will likely waste energy when the temperature is too high for you to be comfortable.

Examine And Clean The Air Vents

Check each room’s HVAC for issues. Using the brush attachment to vacuum them will increase airflow. Next, look to see whether any supply or return vents are concealed. Moreover, it is by pieces of furniture, carpets, or drapes. To allow for optimal airflow, remove these impediments.

In the belief that you would save money, shutting the vents in empty rooms is tempting. However, this could upset the equilibrium of the airflow, leading to more damage and higher energy costs.

Securing the ductwork

Due to the warm air leakage into limitless areas above the ceilings and behind the walls, leaky air ducts may be highly inefficient. Despite its name, you should never use duct tape to seal ducts. For expert ductwork sealing, choose Reliable HVAC Installation Services in Houston, TX, for the best results. This investment will save your heating expenses, increase comfort in your house, and enhance indoor air quality.

Avoid Fires Caused by Home Heating

Over 48,000 house fires are brought on by heating equipment every year. Follow this advice to keep your family safe this winter:

  • Maintain a minimum three-foot distance between flammable objects and heat sources, such as space heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, and water heaters.
  • Never turn on a space heater and walk away.
  • Space heaters shouldn’t be plugged into extension cables.
  • If you hear or smell anything out of the ordinary, turn off the furnace and contact a specialist that works in HVAC.

Check the Vent in the Furnace

Backdrafting from a clogged flue may be hazardous and increase your exposure to carbon monoxide. Go outdoors and ensure nothing obstructs the exhaust vent before turning on your furnace for the first time this autumn. A Reliable HVAC Installation Services in Houston, TX may clean the vent for you if if it is dirty

Don’t Store Things in the Utility Room

You shouldn’t keep anything within 10 to 15 feet of your furnace since it requires space to “breathe.” Except for your HVAC equipment, your utility closet should be left empty if it is less than this. Anything combustible should be kept far away, including aerosol sprays, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, paint cans, and paint thinner.

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

These safety tools can inform your family if a fire or carbon monoxide leak is present. Test your alarms and detectors once a month to ensure they are operating correctly. Every year, you should replace your batteries. Don’t ever take the batteries out of a smoke alarm or CO detector that is beeping without changing them!

Plan HVAC maintenance specialists

The homeowner may carry out many autumn HVAC maintenance procedures. An expert professional can do a comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and tune-up. Professionals advise scheduling expert furnace and air conditioning maintenance each spring.

Annual HVAC maintenance aims to keep the system operating properly and identify minor issues before they become more serious. 

You may want to replace your HVAC system.

You may replace your furnace this year and benefit from lower energy costs and warranty coverage. You’ll see the improvement immediately on your next electricity bill since high-efficiency versions may be up to 97% efficient.

Wrapping Up 

Is your HVAC old? If so, it could only be 60% efficient, and the end of its useful life would be approaching. You might wait until your whole system fails and deal with an emergency replacement. JDC Mechanical can do the task if you want to update your furnace in preparation for the winter snowfall or if it’s time to arrange winter HVAC maintenance.

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