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Website Audit Tools That You Must Know For SEO

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Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to improve your website’s visibility in results returned by search engines like Google is crucial. However, doing an SEO audit of your website may take time and effort. Fortunately, you may find a wide variety of SEO audit tools online. To assist you in optimizing your site, we have collected a list of the best free SEO audit tools for desktop & mobile audits.


With the help of GTmetrix, you can monitor your website’s performance. And get notifications when any underlying technical problems might negatively affect load times and user experience. Improve user experience by addressing issues like slow page load demonstrated to have a favorable effect on a site’s search engine rankings, which Google is beginning to prioritize more heavily.

Your page speed may measure in absolute terms, allowing you to assess how you stack up against the competition. Step two entails fine-tuning:

If you want to enhance your site’s user experience and move up in the SERPs, GTmetrix can show you how page load times relate to the overall page size and the total number of requests.

Answer The Public

Everyone appears to be familiar with this app since it has widespread use. The fact that it is such a useful resource means that it mention for the benefit of others who have yet to come upon it. Exactly how Answer to Public works is that you input a keyword phrase, and it returns a graphical map of related keyword phrases that are categorized by the kind of questions you asked, such as who, what, where, when, or how.


WooRank is a tool that will provide you with personalized suggestions based on the websites you already like using. You may solve the issues plaguing your website with the help of the tool’s recommendations and the most crucial data. Top priorities highlight to help you focus your efforts. The social share-ability panel is an intriguing addition since it displays information gleaned from users’ social media profiles, such as the total amount of likes, shares, remarks, and bookmarks.

Additionally, WooRank provides a Chrome plugin called SEO & Website Analysis that, with a single click of the icon, delivers a comprehensive report on the state of your website. You may quickly and easily enhance your website using the information in this report.

Page Modified

This is a browser extension that crawls your site for technical SEO data and displays it in an organized spreadsheet, along with helpful analysis and suggestions for improvement. It is a browser extension that offers the required processing power to scrape the site.

The crawler is great for able to diagnose on-page SEO issues such as empty title tags, pages without even an H1 header, pages lacking or poorly optimized meta descriptions, and more. In addition to detecting technical issues like broken redirects, problems of internal linking, classical errors, duplicate content, and issues with your XML site map.


Copyscape offers a free duplicate content scanner called Siteliner (an anti-plagiarism service). Siteliner’s most useful function is its capacity to locate subpages of a website that contain the same or comparable information. This way, material flaws may identify quickly and address. Articles perform best when they provide information that is exclusive to that piece. If two articles include identical information, Google may designate one as the “canonical” version of the item in question.


For its free basic membership, Seobility can crawl up to one thousand pages for an SEO assessment. The program gives you a comprehensive report on your website, pinpointing any areas for improvement in search engine optimization. The Content report is the most useful part of this tool since it details all the sites with SEO problems due to their content (such as keyword stuffing or lack of information). However, in the free edition, you may only utilize one crawler to analyze one domain.

W3C Validator

The HTML outline of headings (1, 2, etc.) are also checked by the HTML validator published by the World Wide Web Consortium.

You may use this to examine how Google ranks your site compared to others. If you want to view how your header components seem to a search engine, toggle the “Show Outline” switch. The findings may shock you and show you where your website’s template is failing. To see a web page’s headers, click the Show Outline checkbox. If you want to see the outline, check the box. You can see how Google sees your heading tags by using the free HTML validator.


To swiftly surpass the competition and increase the volume of high-quality organic visitors to your website, use the information provided by the Linked backlink audit tool. An audit of your present backlinks and anchor texts is a fantastic idea. Using the proper anchor text when undertaking an internal linking and link-building plan will tremendously influence your rankings and organic traffic.

Screaming Frog, the gold standard in site auditing software, is free if you have less than 500 URLs. For sites with less than 500 URLs, the free edition of Screaming Frog is sufficient for an audit.

It is an effective technique for crawling websites to discover where issues lie. Outbound links, internal links, images, response codes from different pages, information concerning title tags, meta description labels, headings, images, and everything else a publisher would want to check for location health and mistakes are all automatically provided by Screaming Frog.

Screaming Frog lets you change the user agent to pretend to be Googlebot, Bing, Chrome, or any other browser. So you can test how your site reacts to each of these browsers and see how search engines and human visitors alike view it.


The best part is that they do not cost a dime! The quality of free SEO audit tools is rising. Hundreds of SEO Wollongong jobs for publishers and SEOs may be automated without incurring costs. If you try to learn how to utilize them, you will pleasantly surprise by their effectiveness. In SEO, there are no certain formulas for success.

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