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Teachers’ PR Visa process for Canada in 2023

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Immigrating to Canada as any professional including a Teacher is becoming highly competitive in 2023.  This is because many skilled and unskilled workers across the world are highly inclined to move to Canada now. Nevertheless, based on the purpose and citizenship of the applicants, some may have shorter processing times than others.

Applicants from India would specifically like first to determine the Total cost for Canada PR from India. Canada highly values Federal Skill Workers and these are offer greater priority specifically in recession-proof sectors. For instance, Teachers, Nurses, Dentists, and Doctors are occupations that will remain in ever demand. This is welcome news for Teachers seeking to move to Canada.

Territorial and Provincial Governments manage their school systems and are authorize to define policies for Teaching occupations in Canada. Thus the regulations are uniform across the nation with minor local variations.

FSW Selection Factors and Approval for Teachers

  1. Highest education level completed, preferably higher than Diploma at High School
  2. Work experience that demonstrates a minimum of 1 year of employment classified under any one of these occupational streams: Technical/Skilled, Professional or Managerial
  1. Proficiency in any of the official languages in Canada: English or French
  2. Adaptability overall is normally evaluated through an assessment
  3. The current work status or job offer
  4. A Degree at Bachelor’s level in Education and a Certificate from a Province are needed for Canadian Teaching jobs

It is advisable that if possible you apply for the Certificate prior to moving to Canada as the process of obtaining certification can be a slow process.

Other factors considered for assessing eligibility for teaching jobs in Canada include:

  1. Latest experience in Teaching
  2. Familiarity with the Culture in Canada and its education system’s curriculum
  3. Sound health for teaching inclusive of criminal record checks and character certificate

Supervised teaching of students can also be need. You are require to have complete a major in one subject that is teachable and a minor in other for qualifying for secondary teaching jobs in Canada. These include Social Studies, Languages, Sciences, and Business.

Evidence for living costs

Canada does not intend any of its residents to be without shelter. It would thus intend to know how you plan to start your life after immigrating to Canada. You will also have to consider dependents if any.

Having excess cash devoid of the backing of papers is an instant reason for the rejection of your application. The same holds well if you possess inadequate funds for sustaining your family for more than 1 month.

Essential Documents

Prior to immigrating to Canada, you will have to offer all the necessary documents, specifically your academic credentials that must be on par with standards in Canada. If you have studied overseas and your credentials are on par with the standard in Canada, then you will have to get an ECA – Educational Credential Assessment for proving this.

Here are some organizations that can assist you with arranging the documents required for Canadian immigration as a Teacher:

  1. School of Continuing Studies at University of Toronto – Comparative Education Service
  2. Canada Service for Assessment of International Credentials
  3. World Education Services
  4. Service for Assessment of International Credentials – IQAS
  5. Service for Evaluation of International Credentials

The job that you can qualify for will decide the educational documents that you will require for immigration to Canada

  1. Childhood Educators: Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development or 2 to 4 year College Program for Education in Early Childhood
  2. Kindergarten and Elementary Teachers: Education Degree at Bachelor’s Level and preferably Child Development
  3. Secondary and Academic Teachers: Education Degree at Bachelor’s Level and Sciences or Arts
  4. Vocational and College Instructors: Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree for Diploma at College in your area of expertise and preferably a qualification in Education for Adults – Degree, Diploma, or Certificate
  5. University Professors: Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in their area of specialization

You will also be offered a License and Certificate for Provincial Teaching by the province where you will be employed. You will also have to become a member of the Provincial Association for Teachers.

Special programs for teachers for Provincial Immigration

A few of the special provincial immigration programs for Teachers include:

Express Entry Stream:

  1. Stream – Alberta
  2. Skilled Worker Category – British Columbia
  3. Express Entry: Skilled Worker Stream – Newfoundland and Labrador
  4. Skilled Worker Stream – Northwest Territories
  5. Demand – Nova Scotia
  6. Prince Edward Island
  7. International Skilled Worker Category – Saskatchewan
  8. Skilled Worker Stream – Yukon

For immigration to Canada as a Teacher get in touch with Nationwide Visas. 

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