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Difference Between a Dedicated Server Web Hosting and Cloud Server Hosting

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Every online business that strives to advance & generate maximum profitability requires a steadfast web hosting solution. This is where dedicated Server Web Hosting & cloud server finds their apt places. Often, web business owners get gobbled when it comes to choosing between these two web hosting solutions. This is why we have come up with this guide to highlight the essential insights into dedicated server & cloud server hosting. Here we will also discuss the principal differences between these two leading web hosting solutions. So, without wasting another second, let’s dip into the segments below and acquire all the details.

Overview: Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Web Hosting lets you get complete access to your whole web hosting server space as well as its resources. This helps you host your online business with ultimate flexibility. With Dedicated Server Hosting Plans, your business website obtains maximum processing power, easily accessible web resources, a secure hosting environment & optimal performance. 

Moreover, the web server gives your web business the opportunity to easily surpass the constraints of all the other kinds of web hosting solutions. Also, since you attain the entire central physical server for hosting your business website, many web hosts offer fully managed web hosting services to allow you to shed off the burden of running & governing your web hosting server by yourself. 

Overview: Cloud Server Hosting

A cloud web server is a type of virtual server that operates under a cloud computing environment. With cloud hosting, you obtain a network of servers that come with on-demand virtual web resources and provide easy scalability. It does not make you purchase or handle any hardware. Thus, you can simply invest your time in hosting & growing your web business without taking charge of your web hosting server administration, maintenance & security. 

Further, under cloud hosting, your business website automatically gets shifted to the server in the network that can accommodate the needs of your business & website visitors. So, It also lets you pay for only what you make use of & acquire high redundancy while hosting your online business.

Difference Between a Dedicated Web Server and Cloud Server

This section displays the precise & insightful distinction between Dedicated Server Web Hosting & cloud server web hosting. Have a look!

S.No.Dedicated Server Web Hosting Cloud Server Hosting 
1.It allows automatic scalability for your business website. You can ask your web hosting provider to scale the resources & services. 
2.It provides you with full root access to your web hosting server. You do not get access to your web hosting server if you are hosting your business website on a public cloud server. 
3.You get the full right to customize your hosting infrastructure and environment exactly as your web business requires.It allows limited customization possibilities for your hosting software & hardware.
4.It offers single tenancy.It does not offer a single tenancy. 
5.It requires a high initial investment. It offers a low initial investment. 

Buy The Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services from Hostbillo

Buy The Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services from Hostbillo

If you believe that a dedicated server is a perfect pick to host your online business, you need to look no beyond Hostbillo hosting company. Hostbillo is a well-recognized & most faithful web hosting company which renders Dedicated Server Web Hosting with cutting-edge services & facilities at the most affordable cost price. It has also become renowned for providing top-tier infrastructure & state-of-the-art hardware tools with all the plans of powerful bare-metal web servers. Further, when you host your web business on Hostbillo’s robust server, you also acquire the support of evolved web technologies. As a result, your business website gets the potential to deliver uninterrupted functioning, high-speed web page loading, and superior performance. 

Moreover, mentioned below listed are the top-grade web hosting features you gain with Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting plans. So, Let’s obtain a rapid glance at them!

  • Your business website attains the assurance of a 99.90% uptime network with the highest & uninterrupted connectivity. 
  • The web hosting company offers a Softculous one-click installer, an effective control panel, and an SSL certificate free of cost.
  • It also provides progressive data security measures incorporating DDoS protection, end-to-end encryption, malware security, etc. 
  • With the Cheap Dedicated Server plans, you also obtain the 7 days credit back assurance. 
  • Also, your business website gets unlimited bandwidth with extendable solid-state drives data storage, and RAM. 


So, by now you must have apprehended the distinction between Dedicated Server Web Hosting & cloud server web hosting. If you require to take full authority over the physical server and acquire high-level customization possibilities, a dedicated server is the ultimate solution for advancing your business. Additionally, cloud hosting is the best option if you don’t need a physical server and want everything in the cloud. So, Whatever decision you make, you should know the site’s needs and what it requires for its operation.

Further, to make the best utilization of a powerful server, you can easily put your trust in Hostbillo as cited in the last segment. So, the web hosting company lets you purchase the best Dedicated Server Hosting Plans at the most viable cost rate. It also offers hyper-scale web resources & excellent customer support services.

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