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5 Dog Calming Treats That Actually Work

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When caring for our furry friends, going the extra mile to ensure they get the best products and treatments is always good. And it is certainly no surprise that more and more pet owners are turning to natural ingredients to offer their little mates the best care.

Natural components help owners worry less about the side effects or implications of using these products for their pets. Also, the extraordinary relaxation benefits of some of these compounds prove to be of unparalleled value to dogs suffering from general restlessness, sleeplessness, and anxiety. If you are looking for such products in the market, here we present the best five options to consider to enrich pet health.

1. CBDFx Dog Treats For Stress And Anxiety

CBDFx dog treats are one of the best CBD dog treats to induce amazing calming benefits. An increased stimulus in the environment can trigger anxiety and nervousness in pets. The potent natural CBD oil or cannabidiol has proven to introduce spectacular benefits for physical and mental wellness in pets over the years now. It binds at CB receptors to remove the effects of stress instantly.

Using an incredible product like CBDFx treats that contains broad-spectrum CBD, leaving out THC that could cause psychoactive effects, can be an elegant way to eliminate these feelings.

The product also constitutes an enriching blend of nutrients and herbal extracts of chamomile, valerian root, and passion flower to ease stress, restlessness, and nervousness.

Additionally, the presence of mood-boosting elements like L-Tryptophan and GABA helps your dog feel euphoric and relaxed. These are healthy vegan treats made with human-grade ingredients and sweet potato and blueberry flavors that are drool-worthy. Whether your dog is suffering from general anxiety or phobia, these treats can help them feel better instantly.

2. Vet’s Best Calming Soft Chews

Loud noises, separation from the owner, hyperactivity, thunderstorms, fireworks, and several other factors could cause your furry friends to feel clumsy and anxious. And that is why choosing a Vet’s dog treat can be a wonderful choice for your pet to influence balanced behavior and increase calmness.

The cocktail of valerian root, ginger root, L-tryptophan, chamomile, and ocean kelp creates a soothing mixture that enables the dog to feel light in the head without experiencing drowsiness or lack of focus. Further, the quality sourced raw materials ensure the complete safety of the treat. You can choose between a chewable tablet or soft chews for your dog based on personal preference to keep them excited and active. Dosing at least 30 minutes before a stressful situation can be beneficial to enjoy optimal effects. You can also feed them the treats regularly to balance general hyperactivity or restlessness.

3. Pupper Membrane

If the only way to get your pups to enjoy healthy ingredients is through delicious treats, then the upper membrane soft chewable is the ideal choice to introduce calming benefits to them. Soaked in tasty flavors of oats and beef, the chewable brings together incredible herbs and organic ingredients to create a relaxing feeling in your furry friend.

The treat contains chamomile, ashwagandha, passion flower, and lemon balm, which ease stress and insomnia. Melatonin is yet another ingredient that further helps improve sleep quality. Also, the extraordinary formulation of the chewable ensures higher efficacy and improved absorption to introduce maximum effects. You can offer a piece to your dog when experiencing anxiety symptoms, nightmares, hysteria, or hyperactivity to support them.

4. Vermont Calming Chews By Pet Naturals

One of the most common problems with calming products for pets is that they tend to trigger drowsiness. This feeling could leave your dog acting dull, tired, and confused all day. Soft chews from Pet Naturals promote calm behavior in your furry friend without altering their personality or making them sleepy.

The mixture of Vitamin B and L-Theanine increases relaxation in the system, especially in high-stress situations like during travel. The Colostrum complex formulation further supports the cognitive function to help manage anxiety and stress. The product can naturally induce euphoria and bliss in your dog through its delicious flavors and brilliant choice of ingredients. The best part is that it is suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds, making it a quick and easy choice.

5. The Anxious Pet Relax and Roll

The smoothly textured supplement bars by The Anxious Pets are a home run for calming treats for your canine. This bar is packed with Melatonin, St. John’s wort, ginger root, and chamomile that make your dog feel relaxed and happy.

Flaxseeds, banana, peanut butter, and sweet potato flavors contribute to the tasty taste of this treat that makes your pet drool. But the product is non-allergic to peanuts and is 3rd party tested to ensure safety and high quality. This veterinarian-formulated bar could be the perfect choice for your pet to dose regularly to uplift their mood. If required, you can give them up to two bars per day or break them up into smaller pieces.


Choosing CBD dog treats can be challenging, given the vast pool of choices available in the market today. So here we share some of the best calming treats available that can be the right choice for your canine. To ensure your pet’s safety and efficacy, buy treats only from licensed vendors or dispensaries.

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