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The liver is a crucial organ that performs detoxification and protein synthesis and produces the biochemicals necessary for digestion. Liver diseases are caused due to viruses like Hepatitis A, B, and C. Another reason is the excessive consumption of alcohol, which causes alcoholic fatty liver diseases and alcoholic hepatitis. You may have to consult a Liver specialist in Delhi in case you are suffering from these ailments so that you can start early treatment and make a full recovery.


  • Alcohol-related liver diseases don’t have many noticeable symptoms till the liver is significantly damaged.
  • Some of the noticeable symptoms are –
    • Feeling sick most of the time
    • A drastic weight loss
    • Loss of appetite
    • The white portion of the eyes turns pale yellow, exhibiting signs of jaundice
    • Ankles and tummy get swollen.
    • Feeling drowsy and confused
    • Vomiting blood and passing the blood through the stool.


● The liver performs several crucial functions like

○ It filters toxins from the blood

○ Facilitates the digestion of food

○ Regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels

○ Fights infections and diseases.

● Being highly resilient, the liver can regenerate itself. But excessive alcohol intake can damage liver cells.

● Although the liver can regenerate, prolonged consumption of alcohol reduces the ability to regenerate, leading to permanent liver damage.

● The number of people suffering from ARLD has been increasing over the last few decades because of the increasing rate of alcohol misuse.


  • Majorly there are three primary stages –

○ Alcoholic fatty liver disease

■ Increase due to high consumption of alcohol.

■ This is the first stage of the ARLD.

■ In this stage, hardly any symptoms are visible. However, if you are consuming alcohol, you should stop after this.

■ Fatty liver Diseases could be reversible in this stage if the consumption of alcohol is restricted.

○ Alcoholic Hepatitis

■ One gets affected by this due to prolonged consumption of alcohol.

■ Realization of the liver being damaged because of alcohol starts at this stage.

■ Usual process of degradation takes a longer time, but prolonged consumption can boost the process.

■ When the condition is not severe or at the initial stage of Alcoholic Hepatitis, it is reversible; otherwise, it cannot be reversed.

■ If Alcoholic hepatitis is in the severe stage, then it can become life-threatening.

○ Cirrhosis

■ The liver plays a critical role at this stage.

■ In this situation, you might not experience any symptoms.

■ In this stage, mostly it can’t be reversed.

■ But stoppage of alcohol can prevent further damage.


  • The increasing death rate due to ARLD is a big concern.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Life-threatening complications are becoming very common. These include-
    • Brain toxins
    • Variceal bleeding
    • Accumulation of fluids in the abdomen area.
    • Liver cancer


● There is no absolute treatment for ARLD as of now.

● The best cure would be to stop drinking alcohol. This will reduce the risk and provide a better chance to recover.

● You should definitely approach the local alcohol addiction service center.

● In severe cases, there is also a requirement for a liver transplant. Mostly done at the stage of cirrhosis.


The Delhi government has incorporated the academic approach and research methodology of universities into its program for treating alcohol-related liver diseases. Some of the liver specialists in Delhi are –

  • Dr. J.C. Vij has performed over 100 complicated endoscopies. He is well-versed in therapeutic ERCP, papillotomy, and mechanical lithotripsy.
  • Dr. Gaurav Sood is a liver specialist in Delhi for HPB surgery and liver transplantation.
  • Dr. Neha Berry, a Hepatologist and gastroenterologist is one of the top liver specialists.


As we know that the increasing rate of Alcoholic-Related Liver disease is chronically increasing every decade, it is high time that people understand the fact that the consumption of alcohol at an extreme rate poses serious health risks. Of course, it is also not advisable to cut all social life abruptly, but a bird-eye check is necessary so that the amount is not exceeding the advisable limit. But, if someone has already damaged his/her liver then they should opt for treatment in Delhi because liver specialists in Delhi assures the maximum chances of cure.

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