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10 top video editing tips and tricks every beginner needs to know

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With these important video editing hints and suggestions, from better cuts to color grading, you can step up your game.

Beginners may significantly improve their video editing abilities and workflow with the greatest video editing tips and tricks. The appropriate is crucial, but it may be a tedious and time-consuming procedure. 

In the beginning, you could also be unsure of how to obtain the edit you desire. In this guide, we offer ten video editing tips and tricks that can really help beginning editors. There is so much software available and so many ways to work that it can initially feel overwhelming.

The advice provided below covers a wide range of topics, including selecting the best video editing software as well as issues like where to cut scenes and how to make sure the music you use blends well with the images. 

These video editing methods can be used on any type of, making them applicable whether you’re working on a movie, a personal vlog, a documentary, or creative shorts. They should also help you improve the quality of your video content.

We emphasize the value of video editing software in our advice, and the quick links to our top three suggested programs are provided below. For our ten tips and tricks, simply scroll down. You might also want to check out our article on the top laptops for editing videos.

Video editing tips and tricks: the best software

Premiere Pro: the best video editing software

Our top choice for video editing software is Adobe’s Premiere Pro, which is geared toward professionals. This widely used tool provides everything you require and runs on both PC and Mac.

Final Cut Pro X: the best choice for Mac users

The best option for Apple users who want to easily create movies is Final Cut Pro, which is optimized for macOS and has a great reputation in the industry.

Rav.Ai: Automated Video Editing Platform is intended to replace a freelance video editor. Users can record themselves using the app or upload clips to’s automated video editor. Instead of exchanging emails with a video expert, users simply add notes about how they want the video to look right in the app. They click submit, and produces a draft of their edited video in less than a day. Then, as needed, users can add or edit comments.

Our top 10 video editing tips and tricks

01. Get the right software

Choosing the appropriate equipment comes first on our list of video editing advice and tricks. It can be difficult to choose from the many editing programs available on the market. In fact, there are now so many programs that comparing them all might be all but impossible. However, it can be a smart decision to make sure you are aware of the industry standards if you are thinking about working in video editing. 

02. Keep it short

The popularity of TikTok and Instagram Reels has a good reason. Attention spans have decreased as a result of people’s busy schedules and more access to media information. The most frequent criticism that amateur and many professional films now face is that they are too long.

03. Cut on action

It can occasionally be startling when a scene is cut from one angle to another. This frequently occurs when using various takes, although having two cameras on the same take can also cause issues. Cutting during the middle of an action rather than when things are static is a simple video editing trick that can help edits appear smoother.

04. Cut away from speakers

Another essential video editing advice is to know when to clip when someone is speaking. Your video may appear very static if you focus exclusively on one speaker. It’s usually preferable to cut away from other visuals as speech continues to speed up the pace. For instance, when editing a vlog where you speak to the camera, think about including B-roll that exemplifies what you’re saying.

05. Learn to use color

Color grading and color correction are the two color techniques used in video editing. Making basic consistency adjustments to your clips is known as color correction. When placed one after the other in an edit, shots from two different cameras or those taken in various lighting situations can look startlingly different. This can frequently be avoided by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and white balance.

06. Cut to music

As music is essential to practically all video editing, it is our next suggestion on this list of tips and tricks. If you edit your video for social media, the right soundtrack can significantly increase its intensity and frequently improve its results. However, amateur editors frequently make the mistake of not synchronizing the editing with the musical beat, which leads to abrupt cuts.

07. Balance your audio

Another video editing advice, still including music, is to make sure your audio is balanced. If the volume of your music makes it impossible to understand speech, it is more detrimental than beneficial. Putting together various clips with a speech at distinctly different volumes is another error that is frequently made. To prevent these imbalances from grating on the viewer and possibly even making your video unwatchable, you must carefully balance your audio.

08. Check your rights

Utilizing songs in video editing without the necessary permissions is another frequent error. Give up on trying to use your favorite hit because websites like YouTube and Facebook are much stricter about removing videos that contain copyrighted music.

09. Always put the story first

Always consider how your choice will affect the story when choosing what shot to use or where to cut when editing video. In fact, this applies to any decision you make during the editing process. That is true of all videos; even advertisements tell a story in some way.

10. Back up your work!

Finally, this is arguably the most significant suggestion we can make in our list of video editing advice. If you lose your work, all of your time and effort could be for naught. Numerous editing programs regularly create automated backups, which is helpful, especially if you need to go back to earlier versions. However, this is insufficient. Since your main project is typically saved on the same drive as these backups, they won’t help you if the drive crashes.

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