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Alexa won’t connect to Wi-Fi or Internet: How To Fix It?

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Amazon Alexa is an amazing device that is easy to handle. It needs fast Wi-Fi so it can work more effectively. Users have the option to add many skills. When our internet network is not working or is slow, it shows an error that Alexa won’t connect to Wi-Fi or internet. It is also crucial for users to fix their internet problems quickly so their Alexa device works properly. There is no issue with Alexa offline.

Methods to Fix Alexa Won’t Connect To Wi-fi

Every user wants to know how to fix Alexa won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Here we discuss various ways to resolve the Alexa offline issue.

Check Internet Connection

When Alexa doesn’t have any issues connecting to your router, it’s your ISP’s connection that’s the problem. Check your internet connection before you start changing settings and pressing buttons on your Alexa device. Open a web browser or use an online service on any other device connected to the network. Now there is time to check whether it works on another device or not. If it doesn’t get internet, it means there is a trouble with our network. There is a need to check our ISP and solves the issue quickly.

Power-Cycle the Router

You may have an issue with your router if your internet is working perfectly. Hence, before editing Alexa’s settings, give it a quick reboot. It is simple to power cycle your router. Most of the time, every router has the same process. Restart it after turning it off and letting it clear for about a few seconds. It is also necessary to remove the other devices from the router while doing the power cycle of the router.

Power-Cycle Your Alexa Device

There is a need to do the same thing with your Alexa device if your router works fine. Alexa’s devices don’t have a power button. There is a need to unplug them directly from the wall. when the power goes out. Plug your device back in again after a few seconds to ensure it creates a clean slate. You can now give commands to Alexa after it has finished setting up. It tells us whether Alexa’s offline issues are fixed or not.

Re-Enter the Router Details

There are times when Alexa and the router work fine, but the router details you gave your device won’t work properly. You may be able to get back online by going through the router setup process a second time. There are times when Alexa and the router work fine, but the router details you gave your device won’t work properly. You may be able to get back online by going through the router setup process a second time.

When users change their passwords of routers but not saves them, it creates errors. It is always necessary to enter accurate passwords, so it works. Tap on Devices at the bottom of the Alexa app to re-add your router. Choose your Alexa device, then tap on the cog at the top of the screen. Tap Change to the right of the Wi-Fi network. Set up your Wi-Fi again and enter the password for your router. When you set it up, you will need to enter the new one if you have changed it or someone else.

Change Alexa Bands

Switching between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands may work if your router supports it. Switching to the 2.4GHz band from the 5GHz band may help give the device that extra boost in signal strength it needs. It also depends on the type of router. Some routers have two broadcast channels and another one broadcast channel. There is a need to switch one band to another, so it fixes, Alexa won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Change the Position of Alexa Device and Router

Sometimes the position of the Alexa device and router is not suitable. We have placed the router farther from the Alexa device. We must change their positions and place them in the right place. There is a need for a maximum difference of 30 feet or 10 meters. It is also necessary to remove the objects between the router and the Alexa device. When we place metallic objects between these devices, it reduces the power of signals. The device does not get an accurate supply of network signals. It is imperative to change the position of the router and Alexa device.

Factory Reset the Alexa Device

When the above methods don’t work there is a need to reset the Alexa device. It also needs to remember that all settings and other data are stored in the cloud, not in Alexa devices. When we perform a reset, it doesn’t remove any data or settings from the account. It helps in fixing that Alexa won’t connect to wifi.

Wrap Up

Users can now fix the Alexa offline issue with the above method. It is necessary to use high-speed internet so it solves the Alexa won’t connect to Wi-Fi or internet.

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