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Is Healthtech Transformation Necessary for Healthcare?

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Innovation is the core of the technology. Keeping yourself sustainable in the market technology is very much important. However, because human lives are at risk in this sector of the economy, technology is an essential tool in healthcare.

Human life expectancy in India in the 1960s was approximately 25 years. However, thanks to health tech, it has recently increased to around 70 years.

Many health tech companies in India are working to enhance healthcare standards. VR technology is one of them. VR healthcare companies are serving the nation with an entirely different perspective on technology.

It offers many benefits and opportunities for enhancing and transforming healthcare. That includes improving clinical outcomes, lowering human error rates, increasing practitioner efficiency, facilitating care coordination, and tracking data over time.

The healthcare technology market is currently valued at 216.7 billion dollars and is predicted to grow to 1.5 trillion by 2030. The enormous growth will experience a CAGR of 27.7% from 2022 to 2030.

Let us elaborate on it and try to understand this concept in simple language.

What is Healthtech?

Healthcare technology refers to any IT hardware or software created to boost hospital and administrative efficiency. Addition to that it also offers new insights into medications and treatments or raises the bar for general patient care.

Currently, the industry is looking for ways to develop in almost every imaginable area and more successfully manage costs. In this case, this technology can be helpful. With the help of tech-infused tools that boost quality and productivity, every healthcare process is improved.

IoT products are used by 37% of healthtech startups, while 54% of them rely on AI and machine learning to deliver their services. Cognihab, Netmeds, HealthifyMe, practo, and many other Indian healthcare technology businesses are among the ones that are expanding the fastest.

Benefits of Healthtech

There are numerous issues, including enormous costs, interminable wait times, and inefficiencies in drug development. However, Healthtech has the potential to simplify processes and increase efficiency.

Better Efficiency

The insurance technology sector, or insurtech, is lowering healthcare costs for a larger population. In hospitals, wait times have decreased, and staff utilization has increased thanks to artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Even surgical procedures and recovery times are getting shorter thanks to highly accurate robots that assist with surgeries and make some procedures less invasive.

Quality Care

Companies that specialize in healthtech have increased efficiency by customizing user experiences for each user. These businesses understand that proper care can only provide with customization. In addition, healthcare technological companies are working to improve human health and relieve some of the industry’s unnecessary pressure by personalizing everything from insurance payments to diets and sleep patterns.

Better Administration

Numerous software tools and applications enable hospitals to manage their growing administrative workloads effectively. Artificial intelligence assists executive teams in streamlining patient flow by carefully calculating wait times and forecasting the busiest times for staff scheduling. Apps are pre-screening patients and ranking appointments while this is going on so that doctors can make better use of their time.

Surgery Support

Some of the most significant improvements in healthtech efficiency have been made in surgery. As you read this, robots assist with various procedures, from quick, non-invasive techniques to open-heart surgery. A few examples of the different sizes and shapes of these robotic surgical assistants include the tiny robot that crawls across the surface of the heart and the enormous arm that acts as an extra set of hands during procedures.

Furthermore, virtual and augmented reality are helping physicians and surgeons perform various essential tasks more efficiently, such as practicing new surgical techniques or thoroughly explaining procedures to patients.

Drug Development

A new wave of drug research and development is being driven by AI and machine learning in the pharmaceutical industry. These tools are currently being used in various aspects across the industry to aid in speeding up time-consuming tasks like identifying patients who would most benefit from a given drug trial and pinpointing specific chemical combinations that may help create the ideal drug.
Less error

Today, the healthcare industry employs a wide range of technological tools to address one of its primary problems: inaccurate or delayed diagnosis. By incorporating technology into genetics, pathology, and other essential diagnostic fields, healthtech companies have helped detect deadly diseases like cancer earlier and more precisely.

Mental Health

The use of technology in mental health is one of the more recent fields of medicine that is benefiting from it. Virtual reality is regarded as a potent tool in the fight against PTSD, depression, and even Alzheimer’s vr based anxiety reduction. Through exposure therapy, patients gradually rewire their brains so that they are no longer negatively affected by memories of their past traumas. Additionally, VR healthcare companies provide an option to treat mental health with the help of VR gadgets.


With the help of technology, things have changed a lot. The ecology of healthcare technology is now more heavily centered on its fitness gadget. Other than that, many different technologies are gaining traction and have the caliber to transform healthcare. Health tech companies in India also developed a kind of technical support where you can easily reach counselors and healthcare professionals. That enhances communication and support and reduces the need to wait for an in-person appointment during times of duress.

Therefore, technological transformation is a must for healthcare to serve humanity in a better way.

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