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How Private Unarmed SecurityCan Protect Your Business

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If you’re looking for a New York security guard, you may want to consider
Private Unarmed Security. While this type of security is significantly less
expensive than armed guards, it can be a great deterrent against criminals.
Read on to learn more about how unarmed guards can protect your business.
Unarmed security is a type of security guard in
New York State
Armed and unarmed security guards working in New York State must be
registered with the state’s Department of State. Volunteers and active-duty
police officers are exempt from this requirement. Registration requires
applicants to meet certain education requirements and pass a background
check. They must also provide their fingerprints and be at least 18 years old.
Security guards who have a criminal record cannot register with NYSDOS.
There are some settings where armed guards are necessary. Some
neighborhoods have a history of crime. Armed guards may intimidate
passersby. In addition, hiring an armed guard can expose building owners to
liability claims. But unarmed security guards can deter unwanted activity and
appear friendly to customers and visitors. They also can be useful in securing
shopping centers, sports venues, and public plazas.
Unarmed security guards cost less than armed guards. However, armed
guards have the advantage of being more intimidating and having the
authority to use force when needed. They also have more training and good
judgment than an unarmed guard.
It is cheaper than armed security
Generally, hiring private unarmed security is cheaper than hiring armed
security. However, certain types of businesses may require more expensive
armed guards. These guards receive more training and have more licensing
requirements. Because they have more training and certification, armed
guards tend to cost more than unarmed guards. However, the potential losses
that could be caused by unsecured facilities far outweigh the upfront
investment in quality security guards.

Armed guards can protect a business’ livelihood, which can be an important
deterrent for criminals. Moreover, their presence can prevent shoplifting and
trespassing. Armed guards can also be used to apprehend criminals and gain
control of a situation.
Another reason why unarmed security is cheaper than armed guards is the
lower training and insurance cost. Unarmed guards require less training and
liability insurance, and their duties are less demanding. This can reduce costs
for businesses, even for large-scale businesses. Private unarmed security can
also be a great choice if you live in a low-crime area.
It can deter criminals
Private unarmed security is an effective way to protect your business and
employees. Even if you do not see a threat on your property, your employees
can perform better when a trained security professional is on site. While
private unarmed security guards do not have lethal weapons, they can deter
thieves and vandals. When hired for high-risk areas, these guards can provide
sufficient monitoring and deter potential criminals.
The effectiveness of private unarmed security has been documented in other
studies. One such study has found that it can deter criminals by preventing
them from committing crimes. Studies have shown that a private security
guard can reduce crime by more than 40% when compared to no private
security guards. The study found that private unarmed security has a residual
deterrence effect – it reduces crime but does not eliminate it completely.
Private unarmed security can be effective in deterring criminals, particularly
those with financial motives. Security guards are agents of deterrence, similar
to police officers. They deter criminals by making them think twice about
carrying out a crime if they see a security guard in the area. In addition, they
serve as witnesses to criminal activity.
It is more affordable
Hiring private unarmed security guards for a gated community can be a more
cost-effective option than hiring armed security guards. These guards do not
carry weapons but may carry other items. Armed guards, on the other hand,
are licensed and carry guns. They are more expensive than unarmed guards,
but offer a greater level of security and are well trained and certified. This
type of security is also more effective for protecting high-value properties.

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