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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Review

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Apple has introduced its new iPhones as it does consistently every year. Apple didn’t just unveil one new model this year; they launched four! Each one is tailored to a certain audience. The new iPhones include the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Each of these cameras is somewhat different from the others. The iPhone 12 Pro is the focus of this review since it is the smartphone most people with a serious interest in mobile photography are likely to purchase.

The triple camera setup on the back is reminiscent of the iPhone 11 Pro. Select between an ultra-wide, wide, or telephoto lens.

The telephoto lens on the iPhone 12 Pro is shorter than the one on the iPhone 12 Pro Max, measuring 52mm instead of 65mm on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. As we go through the study, we will also discuss some of the other distinctions.

The iPhone 12 Pro also has a panorama mode, a night mode, a portrait mode, and dual optical image stabilization (for the wide and telephoto lenses), but the latter feature won’t be accessible until an iOS update is released at a later (as yet unannounced) date.

When compared to the iPhone 11 Pro, several enhancements have been made, especially to the camera. Both the Night mode portraiture and the ability to autofocus more quickly in low light, made possible by the inclusion of a LiDAR scanner, are benefits of the upgraded camera. Dolby Vision HDR video recording is supported at up to 60 frames per second.

Ease of Use

Given that Apple rarely makes radical changes to its product designs, the iPhone 12 Pro is largely an improvement over its predecessor, the iPhone 11 Pro.

On the other hand, the display is bigger than on the iPhone 11, and the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the same sizes.

Also, the iPhone 12 Pro is a bit more angular than its predecessor, with sharper edges than previously. Whether or not this is an improvement is a matter of taste.

By pressing and holding the camera symbol on the iPhone’s lock screen, you can activate the phone’s built-in camera app.

The primary camera software on the iPhone is not very advanced or sophisticated. Which may be considered a benefit or disadvantage depending on the user’s expectations and needs.

On the one hand, it’s quite simple to use and functions similarly to a traditional “point and shoot.”. Eliminating the need to experiment with different camera settings so that you can instead focus on composition.

Image Quality

Apple’s in-built cameras have never failed to impress, and the company’s newest model. The iPhone 12 Pro, only improves upon past efforts.

Images have vivid tones and gorgeous hues, especially when shot in good light. Though the user has limited control over the settings. The quality of the output from the phone itself makes it easy to look past this shortcoming.

Images look great on the phone’s screen and while they look less impressive. If you examine them in very fine detail on a larger computer screen. It seems unlikely that the average user will be doing just that. Despite the sensors still having a relatively modest resolution, the overall impression of detail is good.


Many people will purchase the newest iPhone whether they ‘need’ one or not. So it’s clear that Apple doesn’t need much assistance in this area.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro continues the company’s tradition of creating high-quality cameras.

If you currently own an iPhone 11 Pro and are considering upgrading just for the camera. You should probably think twice unless you absolutely must have the newest model.

If you’re upgrading from an even older model. Buying the previous model (whether new or used) might be a cost-effective option.

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