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The Skincare Tips From A Dermatologist

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Moisturizers, sunscreen lotion and an antioxidant are nice ways to start off your day. Are you aware of the fact that the skin is know to shell 40,000 skin cells every day? The skin is the largest organ in the human body that is know to replenish itself. From time to time, it is recommend that you seek professional help in the form of a beauty treatment solution in Dubai. Not only it is know to regulate your temperature but protects you from infection or any form of the disease.

For all these reasons it is suggest that you need to protect your skin in the best possible way. The best dermatologist in Dubai suggests a series of skincare times. They feel that the largest organ in the human body requires a considerable amount of attention. No wonder to the fact that there are misconceptions when it comes to which skincare products you need to use. Let us figure out the tips in detail

Sunscreen is to be worn every day

Irrespective of the fact whichever region you belong to you are not safe from the sun. The rays of the sun not only dry out your skin, but it is going to have an impact on the pigment levels of your skin. Dermatologists recommend a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher when you are going out. There are various types of sunscreen lotions, and it is better you spot the physical form when you are venturing out.

Make it a point you check the expiry date of the sunscreen lotion before putting it on. When expire it is expect to lose out on its protective properties. Every couple of hours you need to apply one ounce and then it has to be apply every couple of hours to be protect which will prevent sunburns.

The skin needs to be check out for cancer every month

The amount of skin cancer is on the rise. Numbers indicate that it is one of the most common forms of cancer that is rising every month. It is enhance by tanning and so there are some misconceptions that you need to avoid.

  • Before vacation you do not require a base tan- Some of us are of the opinion that you need to spend a day out to avoid any form of tanning. But this does not hold validity on any count. If you are looking for a tan opt for a spray tan.
  • If you are using sunscreen, you will get a tan- A lot of us tend to forego sunscreen as we feel there is a possibility of a tan but the fact is with sunscreen you will still obtain a tan as it is not going to burn.

Before the age of 18 60 % of the exposure is know to happen. So, most of the damage has been do in the primitive years of your childhood. If you are older than 30 you should not be developing any form of new moles. There are various forms of features and if there is more than one then it turns out to be a definite point of concern.

Moisturize your skin

Since we become old, the oil glands become less active as the skin is know to dry out. It becomes sensitive and is less prone to any form of irritation. The best beauty salon in Dubai focuses on the moisturizing part in a major way. It is meant to pick up the slack and ensures that the skin is healthy and fine. It is recommend that you use a moisturizer within 3 minutes after getting out of the shower that locks in the water and keeps the skin hydrate. If you are not going to use moisturizer the skin would be like raisins.

Quit smoking

It is not only your lungs and heart as smoking can take a toll on your skin too. If you do not intend to quit smoking, then tobacco is know to stress out the cancer cells and the blood vessels are know to constrict. The area where blood vessels are know to supply blood shrinks over a period of time. People who are into smoking, are prone to infection as it is going to take a longer time for them to heal.

Do not pop out the pimples

You have read it properly. The moment a pimple appears on your face there is a natural tendency at your end to pop off the pimple, but you need to resist that temptation on all counts. If you do so there is a possibility of an infection that could make it worse and lead to some form of scarring. The best thing that can be done is that to leave the pimples as it is and then apply a cream to deal with them.

Keep away from products that are devoid of fragrance

All of us love to smell good and floral beauty products get their way. But this can be harmful as it is known to take the moisturizer from the skin. And can make you prone to allergies, irritation dryness etc. Some of the moisturizers that are available in the market are full of fragrances. And it is better that you do not opt for these products at any point in time.

Do not use oil on your scalp

A trend that has caught up big time is the use of tea tree oil or almond oil. Though they have a variety of benefits like reducing wound inflammation. It is strongly recommend that you do not use them directly on the scalp. Most of the oils that are present in the market are not know to eradicate the skin barrier in any form. It is something that sits up nicely on the surface of the skin and could lead to the formation of dandruff that makes the situation worse.

These are some of the skincare tips that are suggest by dermatologists to be use from time to time.

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