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MDoffice VS AthenaOne – Top EHR Software Guides 2023

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When it comes to medical records software, MDoffice VS AthenaOne may be an appropriate choice for you. However, there are several differences between the two. This article will provide an overview of the features of both systems, as well as their respective benefits and drawbacks.


AthenaOne’s medical practice management solution lets doctors manage their practice in real time and eliminates the risk of lost patient records. It also allows physicians to access patient health records from anywhere, including their mobile devices. The software also automatically uploads lab results to patient charts. Its user-friendly app and dedicated support team focus on compliance and healthcare.

AthenaOne’s features and functions allow doctors to build a more efficient practice. These include accounting integration, scheduling, medical billing, and patient record management. It also improves communication between physicians and staff. One of its unique features is its mobile app, which makes it easier for users to enter information about patients while they’re talking to patients.

SOAP notes

AthenaOne is an EHR that’s ideal for primary care physicians, specialty practices, and federally qualified health centers. It provides electronic health records, charting, and patient engagement tools to make your practice run smoothly. It also has a SOAP note option that allows physicians to record SOAP notes using an app.

SOAP notes are an important tool for describing patient care. They allow physicians to use clinical reasoning and provide accurate information about patient health. Moreover, they make it easy to share the information with referring physicians. Putting the most pertinent information at the top of the note helps physicians facilitate effective transitions of care.

Customizable templates

The layout of the MDoffice software is very confusing. You have to click on various pages to access the patient chart. Then, when you want to change sections of the chart, you have to wait for a page to load. It would be much easier if Athena had a patient portal and a standard SOAP format.

The Athena software is also problematic as its design is outdated. This makes it difficult to create reports, notes and statements. It also does not have an intuitive charting system. This makes it difficult to use in busy practices. Nevertheless, it does offer a great emr/pm system and excellent support staff.


By reading AthenaOne reviews, user can understand it is a comprehensive suite of integrated cloud-based services that help providers manage patient health information. Its solutions include an electronic health record (EHR), medical practice management software, and patient engagement tools. These solutions integrate data and expert services to deliver a seamless, all-inclusive healthcare experience. They also offer interoperability, which allows data from one system to be shared across different systems.

However, Athena’s system can be difficult to use, especially for doctors with limited technical knowledge. It can be difficult to create notes, reports, and statements. It also lacks seamless charting. In addition, it’s not the best solution for busy practices. The good news is that it offers great customer support. Finally, before buying any software you can read more reviews on or to choose the right software with the best price.

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