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Boosting Your Vocabulary to Do Well in the IELTS Exam

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To do well in the IELTS exam you need to develop a good vocabulary. Vocabulary development is an ongoing process. You must cultivate a love of new words; simply learning the meaning of a word is insufficient. Someone correctly stated that in order to claim a word, you must write and speak three sentences with it. Develop a reading habit. You will obtain not only. If you don’t know how to do it then there is nothing to fret about. We will be discussing the ways to boost your vocabulary in this article.

There is no end to what can be learned. ‘Expert’ is nothing more than a never-ending process of self-improvement. To be an expert in any language, you must first strengthen your foundation, build a vocabulary, and so on. You can always start with easy books and work your way up. Your language understanding will improve as a result, and there is no substitute for practice. Hence if you want to get good results in the IELTS exam you must practice consistently. Now you can join the top IELTS institute in Jalandhar to get complete guidance at every step. 

Keep reading this article to know how to boost your vocabulary power 

Know the roots

To begin, practice remembering words in groups. For example, introvert, extrovert, and ambivert. Again, inventive, inventive, indigenous, etc.

Second, look for the words’ roots! Such as ‘greg,’ ‘bene,”mala,’ ‘flu,’ ‘con,’ and so on. Now look for specific words that contain these words and similar phrases. Greg denotes a crowd, bene denotes something good, mala denotes something bad, and so on. You get gregarious, etc., from Greg. Benevolent, beneficial, and other words derived from bene. Fluent, effluvium, affluent, confluence, mellifluous, and other words are derived from flu. So when you come across words that contain these small words, you can easily remember what they mean. This makes remembering words much easier.

Create new sentences 

Create sentences using the words. Epicure is an example. The word literally means “one who has a passion for very fine things.” Make a sentence with the word if you’re having trouble remembering it. A man with Epicurious tendencies, for example, must have a large wallet. That way, you’ll remember both the word and its meaning. You can also imagine the words.  Also, link each word to one of the eight parts of speech. If the word given is a noun, change it to an adjective and vice versa. By doing so, you will be learning two words at the same time.

Focus on reading 

Read as many books as you possibly can. Personally, we recommend Enid Blyton’s books. Get a good dictionary and start learning new words. Ignore what anyone says because a dictionary contains a wealth of information and new words. A simple pocket dictionary will suffice.  We recommend reading Wren and Martin for grammar. As a beginner, these three items are more than sufficient. Reading will help you grasp an excellent command of your vocabulary.  So you have to focus properly on the reading component. It will help you develop your vocabulary. And your chances to do well in the IELTS exam will also boost significantly. So make sure you read books, magazines, etc. 

Stay determined

Let us tell you that you should stay determined while preparing for the IELTS exam. Boosting vocabulary is a huge challenge. It needs a good amount of time as well as effort to boost your vocabulary. You might feel demotivated many times. But let us tell you clearly that you just need to be fully determined in order to boost your vocabulary. If you manage to do so then success will be very easy for you to achieve. In order to prepare in the most effective manner for your IELTS exam time join the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana

Summing it up

To sum it up, it is crucial to develop and boost your vocabulary. You just need to follow some essential steps in order to gain a good understanding of how to frame sentences and words during the IELTS exam. Following the tips stated in the above article will be quite useful for you to develop a good vocabulary.

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