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3 Effective Vitamins for Maintaining Eye Health

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The pleasures in the world will be nothing if your eyesight is gone. In addition, poor eyesight and weak eyes will also cause much trouble because we can’t perform daily activities without healthy and effective eyes. Therefore, taking steps for improving and maintaining eye health becomes essential for everyone.

These steps can involve various things. For instance, you can consume healthy foods and make it your habit to consume vitamins regularly. As you know, every vitamin plays a different role in the body. So, it is natural if you consume a specific vitamin for maintaining the health of a specific body part.

When it comes to taking care of your eyes and taking the best vitamins for maintaining their health, you may be thinking about vitamin A, as well as beta carotene. No doubt, these two vitamins are the best vitamins. However, according to the best ophthalmologist in Karachi, several other micronutrients can also play a bigger role in the process of protecting your eyes.

You may be, like many other people, wondering what the best vitamins for the eyes are. Or what is the relationship between vitamins or a healthy diet and healthy eyes? Well, the link is very strong because a healthy diet and also vitamins prevent many diseases. 

These diseases can include diabetes and there are chances that this disease will lead to some eye problems. In addition, studies also confirm that a healthy diet can be effective in preventing eye problems.

Ophthalmologists believe that it is really difficult to pinpoint a single vitamin for maintaining eye health in an effective way. No doubt, every single vitamin will contribute to eye health but a bunch of vitamins will more effectively bring improvements in your eye health.

 Vitamins for Maintaining Eye Health

These vitamins, for maintaining eye health, will also be effective for many other organs of the body:

Vitamin A

It can become difficult for anyone to maintain a healthy and clear cornea without consuming vitamin A in healthy amounts. The cornea is responsible for covering your eyes from the outside. In addition, vitamin A, in the body, also plays a good role in vision after improving the cornea.

Rhodopsin has many components and vitamin A is one of them. Don’t you know what rhodopsin is? It is a protein responsible for making you able to see in low light. Therefore, if there is a vitamin A deficiency in the body then this protein may not work properly and effectively.

Vitamin A deficiency is not very common, if we say all then it will not be useless, in many developed countries. If you don’t treat vitamin A deficiency at the initial levels then it can lead to xerophthalmia.

The above-mentioned disease is a problem of the eyes that usually starts with night blindness. If your body continuously experiences vitamin A deficiency there are chances that the eyes and ducts start getting dry.

Eventually, your cornea will become soft and it may lead to irreversible blindness. The consumption of vitamin A will help in preventing all these eye problems and conditions.

In addition, vitamin A consumption can also protect your eyes against many types of eye infections. Some studies say that the consumption of vitamin A rich-foods can reduce the risks of cataracts as well as age-related macular degeneration.

In general, if you are going to take care of your eye health, then consuming vitamin A-rich foods than supplements will be an effective idea. Bell peppers and sweet potatoes can be healthy sources of consuming vitamin A in enough amounts.

2- Vitamin C

The role of vitamin C, in the eyes, is very crucial. It has a major role in protecting your eyes from the damage of UV rays. When you get older there is lessen in the amount of vitamin C in the eyes, taking supplements and vitamin C-rich foods will be good to combat this problem.

Another role of vitamin C in the body is to protect your eyes from oxidative stress or damage. This damage or stress is the most common factor causing cataracts (age-related).

A longitudinal study also measured the effects of vitamin C on the eyes. This study tried to find different factors that can prevent cataracts. In the end, the study found that people who consumed more vitamin C experienced a 33% reduction in cataract progression.

3- Vitamin E

The role of vitamin E is also very big because it plays a role in protecting the cells of the eyes. This vitamin will save your cells from a number of factors including free radicals and unstable molecules.

A study also found that people who consumed 400 IU of vitamin E every day experienced reduced risks of progressing age-related macular degeneration. In addition, the consumption of vitamin E can also prevent age-related cataracts.

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